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Mo’s Basket

Here is the completed quilt top.  I had such a hard time deciding on a border and for the longest time I thought that the first inner border needed to be a blue/purple batik.  However after talking to my quilting buddy Lucy, I realized that I was limiting my options.   After some deliberation, I settled on this gold oriental floral print which lightens the whole top.

I know how I want to quilt this top and hopefully, it will be a finished quilt later this year.


UFO Sighted

I have pulled out an UFO – notice I didn’t say my oldest UFO – and am determined to get this quilt completed.This is an X-Block pattern called Mo’s Basket.  I am very pleased with the woven effect of the quilt middle, but what to do with the borders?  I don’t have enough of the blue/purple batik from the middle of the quilt so I went shopping.  The strip of fabric on the right was an attempt to find some purple batik for the border, but it doesn’t work – it is too bright.  That is the reason this project has sat in a box for several years.

Finally I decided to go a whole different route and found some gold floral oriental print for the inner border.  There should be enough scraps left to do a pieced border like the one on the Challenge Quilt 2012.

One thing I do know is that this is not going back into a box, but will be completely finished – quilted and bound before I start another project.