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More Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Blocks

Sit back with a cup of coffee and view the next batch of SBS blocks.


I am looking at the silver lining – I didn’t meet my goal of 31 SBS blocks in March, but am very happy with the 25 that did get made. That makes a total of 77 blocks completed with 67 left to go. Officially the center is over 53% finished. Yeah!

Maybe I will devote another month later in the year to more SBS blocks, but for now I will be work on some smaller projects.


Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Update

I will start off with a warning – the next couple of blog posts may be boring! My goal is to make 31 SBS blocks in March, so there will be a lot of pictures of sampler blocks.


When all 31 blocks are completed, it should bring my total of finished blocks to 83. That will be over half of the blocks needed, but still leave 60ish to make. Just whose idea was it to make a Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler quilt – oh yeah, mine.

Sampler quilts are not my favorite style of quilt to make, so I can’t understand why I have so many sampler quilt patterns in my library. I just need to remember that the tortoise won the race and as long as I keep moving forward eventually it will be finished. Does anyone else have such mixed feelings about sampler quilts?


Design Wall Monday 11-12-18

In between sewing recycled shirt blocks, I also found time to machine quilt Oriental Tiles.  I used a quilting pattern from the book “Walk” by Jacquie Gering called Geometric Curves.

Here I tried to get a picture of the machine quilting.

I like the look of this quilting design although I probably wouldn’t use it on a quilt larger than 50″ – 55″.  Oriental Tiles is 41″ x 49 1/4″ which was a good size to try the design for the first time.

Once Oriental Tiles was finished, it was time to work on a few Sylvia’s Bridal Shower blocks.




I now have 51 completed blocks.  My goal is to have half (72) of the blocks finished by the end of the year.

Check out all the other quilting inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Design Wall Monday 10-15-18

This is the tale of Recycled Shirts and the Five Quilt Patterns.  Yes – five and I have a plan.

First up is Foothills Quilt by Mary Elizabeth Kinch.  The Foothills Quilt is based on an antique quilt from the collection of University of Alberta Museums.  Mary hosted a quilt-along earlier this year and I decided that it would look great in recycled shirts.  So the first strip width cut is the size for the four HST for the Foothills Quilt blocks.

Pattern #2 is Periscope by Quilted Twins and can be found in their free patterns section.   Since Periscope measures 100″ x 100″, I decided to resize the blocks from 12″ finished to 9″ finished to make a smaller quilt.  Periscope is comprised of three different blocks – one of which is Churn Dash.  So the second strip width cut from the recycled shirts is for the four HST & five solid squares that make a Churn Dash block.

Can you see the light fabric in the block on the right?  On the lookout for a light colored shirt that was not stripes or plaids, I totally scored with the lighthouses on this shirt.

The last three patterns are all from Bonnie Hunter’s books.  Pattern #3 is Tumelo Trail (Scraps & Shirttails II) and the 4 HST for each block are cut from the same strip width as the Churn Dash block above.

Swing Your Partner (Scraps & Shirttails) also requires 12 HST, 2 light and 2 dark squares cut from the same strip width – isn’t it great that so many block units come from the same strip width?

The 4-patches are cut from a smaller strip width along with the HST & squares for the center of Moth in the Window below.The final pattern is Moth in the Window (Addicted to Scraps) which uses the same strip width as above for the center and the smallest strip width for the block frame.

On Friday I pick out a dark & light shirt fabric for the next round of blocks, so in a couple of hours I have units and/or blocks for all five projects.  I anticipate that Swing Your Partner will be the first completed quilt top with Periscope a close second.

The good part of my plan is that I feel that it makes efficient use of my cutting/sewing time while the bad part is that I have already identified two more quilt patterns for future recycled shirt projects.

I finished block A-6 for Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler. Now the top row is completed and I am officially 34% finished.

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A Little Bit of This – A Little Bit of That

Call me Tiggr – I have been bouncing around from project to project.  First up – another Starry Night Hexie has been completed.  This is number 6 out of 10 full hexagon flowers for the wallhanging.

Each one is an adventure with a surprise at the finish.

Two more Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks have been added to design wall.



My first thought was to alternate dark red & green cornerstones in the sashing. However I knew it was a mistake as soon as I saw it on the design wall – too dark & too distracting.

What if the cornerstones were a different fabric close in color to the sashing strips?

The cornerstone fabric isn’t noticeable from a distance, but is a nice surprise upon closer inspection.  Only two more blocks until the top row is completed and a sashing row attached.

Have a good weekend,


Sunday Update

Even though work is crazy, I have been able to find some time here and there to get a few more Sylvia’s Bridal Shower blocks completed.  Many thanks and much gratitude to my oldest daughter for setting up the SBS grid and adding blocks as finished.  Love you, R





My Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler is going to be set 12 x 12 for a total of 144 blocks.  There are 140 blocks in the pattern, so I decided to add four chain blocks to the four corners.  Here is the first one –

Right now the plan is to use the dark green and dark red fabrics as the cornerstones alternating colors.  When the remaining three blocks are completed for row A, the sashing and cornerstones row will be completed to verify that this plan will work.

Since SBS blocks are made when a project is completed I bet you are wondering what project was finished.

Here it is – an oldie.  African Hexagons is now a finished quilt.

My best guess is that this quilt top was pieced somewhere in the 2005 – 2007 time frame.  In 2008 I started numbering my quilt tops and the African Hexagons top was made somewhere before that.

It is quilted with a boxy meander using WonderFil InvisaFil thread on my HQ Sweet Sixteen.  I have never been able to get the tension correct with monofilament thread on the HQ, so it was very exciting that the only adjustment that the InvisaFil thread needed was a slightly looser top tension.

What a great feeling  to have an older quilt top finished and African Hexagons has already has a new home – win, win.


Happy Labor Day Weekend

Even though quilting time has been scarce these last couple of weeks, I have managed to make some progress.

The Dancing Tree wallhanging has been machine quilted & bound and is now hanging in the dining room.

Depending on your definition of UFO, this wallhanging may qualify.  The pattern & fabric were matched together years ago and now in 2018 it has became a finished quilt.

However Sylvia’s Bridal Shower is a definite UFO – the note included with the fabric was dated 2014.  Right now the plan is to make at least one block whenever a quilt or top is completed.

These are the three new SBS blocks:




There are now 40 (out of 140) blocks finished and 9 blocks cut out.  I keep telling myself that the turtle won the race and even one block is that much closer to completion.

Happy Labor Day weekend,


Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler Update

I thought I had published this post 10 days ago, but I just discovered that I hadn’t.  Oh well – better late than never.  🙂

Work has been absolutely crazy, but I am trying to fit in some sewing time.  I did manage to add another 10 blocks to my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler bringing to total to 37.  Since there are 140 blocks, I still have a long way to go, but every block brings me one step closer.

This is my favorite block

010414   (1014x1024)and here is my least favorite.

010414C   (977x1024)I like the block pattern, but I think I did a poor job picking fabric.  The background is too busy and the half square triangles aren’t dark enough.  The next time I get back to this project, I plan on redoing this block.

I like how this one turned out.010414B   (1001x1024)All 37 blocks –

010414D   (1024x803)Poor Sylvia is going back into the closet.  I have a couple of other projects that have jostled to the head of the line, but this is a good start to a new year.


Design Wall Monday 12-30-13

This looks to be my last quilt top for 2013.  I managed to find some time to sew more green & tan 9-patches during the Christmas holiday and this is what my design wall looked like on Friday.

123013    (835x1024)Saturday I finished the last four 9-patches and sewed the center of the quilt together.  Today the borders went on.

123013A  (875x1024)As you can see the quilt top (63.5″ x 76″) is larger than my design wall.  It is hard to get a good picture, but here is a close up that shows the background fabric better.

123113B   (1024x867)This project was not on my end-of-year goal list, but getting it completed did bring the total fabric used in 2013 to 100 yards which was a goal.

Next up is Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler – yes, I am sewing on this long-term project again.  The goal is to complete rows A & B.  This is block B-9.

123013C   (1011x1024)Check out all the quilty goodness at Patchwork Times.


Bridal Sampler Update

I have finished 9 more blocks for a total of 27.


This has been an interesting project for me.  When I start making blocks, I think that I will make 15 or 20.  By the time 9 or 10 blocks are made, I am ready to move on to a new project.  My goal is to have 21 blocks finished by the end of this year – we will see how that works out.

Check out the grid on the right for the positions of all the finished blocks.