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Sep 25 2016

Vacation and Sunflowers

After a wonderful vacation I am back in the Land of Blog.  There were a lot of hugs and snuggles with grandkids and bonding time with oldest daughter and son-in-law.  There was also a lot of this (which I didn’t ride)


and this (Tower of London)


and this (Big Ben)


and this (Stonehenge)


and – for Dr Who fans everywhere – this.


The three days that we were in London were gorgeous – blue skies everywhere.  In fact one of the days was the hottest September day in 56 years.  I am already planning a return trip in a couple of years with the intent to head north instead of south in England.

Of course the best view was family.


Once home the first sewing project was finishing the Sunflower quilt top (31″ x 70 3/4″).


I have the perfect place for it – on the wall behind my sewing machine – once it is quilted and bound.  The original idea was a 2 x 2 setting, but I really like how it looks like a slide show.  I am so happy to have moved this from rough idea sketch to finished quilt top.

Right now I am working on a yellow Lincoln block using all the yellows that are in the petals of the Sunflower quilt.  The Rocky Mountain Bear Claw project is taking a short siesta because I ran into a problem.  I will show my issues with it later this week and what – I hope – will fix things.


Sep 05 2016

Design Wall Monday 09-05-16

I finished the fourth sunflower block yesterday.

090516 (1024x470)

The first block is all embroidery, the second is 1/3 embroidery & 2/3 bias tape, the third is 1/3 stain glass & 2/3 bias tape and the fourth is all stain glass.  The blocks turned out just the way that I had envisioned – so happy when that happens!

My initial idea was to place the blocks with an Attic Windows layout.  I auditioned green and brown fabric, but once I saw them on the wall I knew that wouldn’t work.

090516A (1024x513)

Right now Plan B is to frame each block with a thin black border then add sashing.  The border will be a bit tricky since I only have one yard – why didn’t I buy more?  Oh well, I will just have to come up with an interesting design detail to make it all work.

Check out all the quilting inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.

Happy Labor Day,