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Star of Yesterday

Last night I finished stitching the last leaf on Star of Yesterday.

121815 (1020x1024)Here is a picture of the quilt on the cover of the directions.

121815B (1024x735)

I am very pleased with the color design changes that I made to this quilt.  It feels great to get another item marked off of my end of year to-do list, especially since Strip Ribbons hit a snag.

121815A (1024x1024)I don’t like the darker brown sashing that I used in the top three rows.  It was one of those things where I wasn’t sure about it, but once I put in the horizontal sashing between rows one and two – no way.  Now I will be best friends with my seam ripper.  It is such a pain, but I will never be happy unless I fix it.

After thinking about it overnight, I have decided to use the block background fabric for the sashing.  That way the colored strips will look like they are floating on top.

Time to settle back on the couch with a good movie and my seam ripper.


Design Wall Monday 09-28-15

There are only a couple more days left in September and I have been sewing like crazy to get the Pathway Quilt top finished this month.

092815   (841x1024) I am using medium gray thread for the middle, but since there will be so many white background triangles for the top and bottom rows I will switch to a light silver gray thread for them.  The fourth row from the top is the one that needs to be redone so that the seams are pressed the correct direction.  Then the decision regarding the borders must be made.

The tumbler quilt is also growing – 15 rows now.  I think that this is one quilt that will actually look better on a bed that on my design floor.

092815A  (1024x454)In the evening while watching TV I have been working on the wool applique for the Star of Yesterday.

092815B   (1024x901)The vines and flowers are being attached all around the border first, then I will go back and add all the leaves.

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