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Thoughts on UFOs

I have been machine quilting on the Split-9 Patch quilt.  The quilting was started late last year, but it had to be put aside to make a quilt for a Christmas gift. 021514    (1024x761)I am practicing feathers in the light portions and let me just say that I need more practice.  The feather look pretty good – from 5 feet away.

While I am quilting, I have been thinking about UFOs.  Recently there have been quite a few blog posts regarding UFOs with a lot of good ideas for getting control of unfinished projects.

A year ago I decided on these rules.

1) A quilt top is not a UFO.  However, a quilt sandwich is.

2) Any quilt project started has to be completed – either as a top or a finished bound quilt.

3) UFOs make good leader/ender projects.

4) Try to alternate a new project with an older one.

My goal is to slowly finish my UFOs without adding any new ones.  So following these rules and since I had just completed a new project, UFO Easy Street is on the design wall.

021514B  (1024x775)I think this quilt became a UFO because of the size and the length of time it took to sew one block.  So I decided to make this quilt twin-sized so the layout will be 3 x 4 instead of 4 x 4.  There will be leftover units, but that is okay.

I have been sewing sub-units together and then putting the block together as a 9 patch.  My progress seems much faster doing it this way.

When this top is all together, I plan on quilting three tops – Easy Street, Card Tricks Revolt and Bermuda Sunrise.  That should keep me busy for a while.

Happy Quilting!


1 Layout – 2 Blocks

Since I have used the same layout with two different blocks, I thought that it would be interesting to see the two quilt tops side-by-side.

Here is the split-9 patch quilt top that I just finished

093013   (948x1024)and here is the same layout with half log cabin blocks.  This quilt top was completed the end of 2011 and measures 76.5″ x 84″.  I started my blog January 2012, so I had to pull out this quilt top and take a picture.

100213   (875x1024)When I look at the two quilt tops, the top one looks crisper because of the straight lines between the light and dark.  The bottom quilt seems softer because of the jagged edge between the light and dark.

I don’t think that I can pick a favorite – can you?


Design Wall Monday 09-30-13

The split-9 patch quilt top is complete.

093013   (948x1024)The outer border is black tires and the inner border is a light pink & white stripe.  The quilt measures 60″ x 65.5″.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter – I have wanted to make this block for a long time, but never got around to doing it.  It is a lot of fun and I see more split-9 patch quilts in my quilt crystal ball.

To see what everyone else is sewing, go to Patchwork Times.


Split-9 Patch Blocks

092813   (926x1024)All the split-9 patch blocks are finished and laid out.  While I am sewing blocks and rows together, I am also auditioning border fabric.  Here is a close up of gray elephants on black.

092813A (1024x765)I have noticed that finding a border fabric for scrappy quilts can be a bit of challenge.  Wonder what else is hiding in my stash that might work – I had better go see.