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Exciting News

I have a new addition to my sewing room.

I have been thinking about getting the Simply Sixteen with the Little Foot Frame for the last 4 or 5 years. And every time I talked myself into buying one, I talked myself out again. But this time when I decided to do it, I did!

The frame takes up a little bit more room that I had anticipated, so I had to reorganize my sewing space. It is all good because I like my new layout even better than the old. I haven’t machine quilted a top yet, but that will be happening soon. From Thanksgiving Day until the end of the year, I plan to devote myself to machine quilting and see how many tops can be moved to finished quilts.

And speaking of quilt tops – the Space Invaders quilt hit a snag forcing a return to dry dock. The center of the quilt was completed, however the Space Invaders border fabric appears awkward and uninspired when placed next to the center.

After considering the matter for a couple of days, I decided that two issues were causing problems. The first is the direction of the colors. The border fabric has horizontal stripes and the center has vertical stripes. The second issue is the size of the designs on the Space Invaders fabric – they are too small.

My solution is to have the Space Invaders fabric become the accent instead of the border fabric. This change means a LOT of unsewing and resewing, but I will be so much happier with the end result. Right now I don’t know what fabric I will use for the border, but I have some time before I need to make that decision. Once I have a couple of the strips converted from solid black to Space Invaders, I will post a picture.

Below is the second of four wallhanging that were made as gifts. Two grandchildren take piano lessons, so when I saw this pattern I knew just where it would go. The “Music is Life” is the beginning of a quote. The whole quote is printed on the label and reads “Music is Life – that’s why heart’s have beats”.

Happy Halloween,