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Jan 21 2015

Blocks, Binding and Ramblings

012115   (1024x759)I really like how this quilt top is looking.  Every day one or two new blocks are added to the mix.  There was enough scraps to make 15 blocks, so a 3×5 setting it is.  I have decided to put sashing between the blocks because I think they need a bit of room to breathe.

However this project was temporarily set aside so that I could machine quilt a top for my youngest grandson who just moved into a big boy bed.  I was able to get it quilted and bound this weekend for delivery yesterday.  He noticed the robots right off, but thought that the aliens were mice.

012115B (920x1024)The quilting pattern is a meander in monofilament thread and the quilt finished at 65″ x 70″ – my first finish in 2015.

I have been giving a lot of thought to my 2015 goals.  There are a lot of wonderful quilt-a-longs, encouragement to finish UFOs and sew your stash online, which are all things that would be fun to do.  However I just can’t decide on any of them, so my 4 goals for this year are more vague than specific.

Goal #1: sew a minimum of 125 yards of fabric (my highest usage was 111 yards in 2011)

Goal #2: for the first time, track fabric bought

Goal #3: complete at least 16 quilts

Goal #4: add no new UFOs

In observance of goal #4, I am sewing some more star blocks.

Happy quilting,


Jun 02 2014

Design Wall Monday 06-02-14

This last week was really rough (trying to get five days of work finished in four and my car was being repaired because of a check engine light), so what is a girl to do but start a new project!

But first I need to backtrack a little bit.  This quilt was completed in December 2012.  The pattern is Mod Times Quilt Along found here.

121212A   (918x1024)

I really like this quilt (probably because I just adored the Ninja Frogs), but I started wondering how it would look with two changes – make it bigger and have a rainbow background instead of one fabric.  So I made this quilt top at the beginning of this year.

031514   (958x1024)

The shading of the colors across the quilt top makes me smile, but does the background overpower the focus fabric?  Sometimes I think that it doesn’t and sometimes I think that it does.

So I decided to make one more.  Here is the final quilt experiment – this time I changed the colors of the sashing and added a border.

060214    (933x1024)

This is a close up of the focus fabric which provided the name of the quilt – Under the Sea.

060214A   (768x1024)

It is easy to see that all three quilts are from the same pattern, but each one looks so different from the others.  Right now my favorite top is the last one, but that is probably because I just finished it.

Our next quilt guild meeting is June 14th and I hope to have Robots & Aliens and Under the Sea quilted for show and tell.

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Mar 15 2014

Robots & Aliens

The Robots & Aliens quilt top is completed.

031514   (958x1024)The top measures 65″ x 70″.  I smile every time I look at this quilt.

Our quilt guild is running a mystery quilt this year and I joined up.  Here are the blocks for the first clue.  I have been sewing a lot with black and white this year, haven’t I?

031514A   (1024x749)Clue #2 will be given out at our April meeting, so now it is time to get serious about some machine quilting.

I have a list of six quilt tops that are waiting patiently for their transformation into a finished quilt.  That will keep me busy for a while.


Mar 08 2014

Robots & Aliens Update

The construction of this quilt is different than most – it grows from the top down.030814    (1024x757)The top third is sewn together – just purple, blue and green to go.  The top measures 65 1/2″ across and my best guess is 75″ long.  I am so pleased with this quilt.

Since the only thing left is the sewing, I have been thinking about my next project.  There is the mystery quilt that our quilt guild is doing or the machine quilting that still needs to be done or Meteor Shower or .  .  .  so many choices.

Happy Quilting,


Mar 03 2014

Design Wall Monday 03-02-14

Yesterday I cut the background fabric and arranged it on the design wall.

030214    (1024x767)I couldn’t get back far enough to take a picture of the whole design wall, but here is the top part.  The first row has been sewn together and I am so pleased with the result.

This project consumed a large part of my weekend.  It is a quilt that just flowed from my vision to the design wall.

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Mar 01 2014

Robots & Aliens

Friday was the first day I spent any time at the sewing machine this week.   Instead of working on Meteor Shower

022414A   (1024x766)or machine quilting this top,

030114    (1024x867)I started a new project with this fabric.

030114A   (1024x887)This is my progress so far.

030114B   (1024x803)The pattern is Mod Times and can be found here.  I wanted to make mine a bit bigger, so I went 5 blocks across and 5 rows down.  I ran out of the sashing fabric on the last row, but luckily I found some online and it is ordered.

Here is a close up of the blocks.  Aren’t the Robots & Aliens so cute?

030114C   (634x1024)


030114D   (688x1024)The jelly roll will be used as the background with a rainbow of colors across the quilt.  I hope to have all the fabric cut and organized on the design wall tomorrow.

This is a fun pattern that looks more difficult than it really is.