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Quilt Top Finished

The Pathway Quilt top was finished Wednesday afternoon, so I did make my goal of completing it in September.  With the two rows added to complete the stars, the top now measures 72″ x 82″.

100215  (907x1024)I also included gray triangles in the top & bottom row so that the gray border looks more friendly with its neighbors.  It will be fun to start the next star quilt – whichever one I decide on.

Until that decision is made, I will be machine quilting a basket wallhanging that was pieced in 2011.   I think it is about time that this one is a finished quilt.


Design Wall Monday 09-28-15

There are only a couple more days left in September and I have been sewing like crazy to get the Pathway Quilt top finished this month.

092815   (841x1024) I am using medium gray thread for the middle, but since there will be so many white background triangles for the top and bottom rows I will switch to a light silver gray thread for them.  The fourth row from the top is the one that needs to be redone so that the seams are pressed the correct direction.  Then the decision regarding the borders must be made.

The tumbler quilt is also growing – 15 rows now.  I think that this is one quilt that will actually look better on a bed that on my design floor.

092815A  (1024x454)In the evening while watching TV I have been working on the wool applique for the Star of Yesterday.

092815B   (1024x901)The vines and flowers are being attached all around the border first, then I will go back and add all the leaves.

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Design Wall Monday 09-21-15

Pathway Star is slowly coming together – the cutting is easy & the sewing is easy, but keeping organized has been a challenge.  I need to keep track of the bias sides of the triangles, the direction the seams are pressed and keep all the same star fabric together.  In fact I was wondering if today was Friday the 13th – I sewed seams together incorrectly, ripped them out and then resewed them incorrectly again.  Right now I am taking a break before I start all over again.  092115   (1024x985)It is easier to move fat quarters around than to move 12 triangles.  There are also four half star units for the beginning and ending of rows 2 & 4 that need a fabric decision, but I think that this layout is close to the final design.

The plan is to have this finished by the end of the month, so I need to sew almost two rows a day.  That is doable, isn’t it?

The tumblers are slowly growing as my leader/ender.

092115A(1024x683)Once Pathway Star is off my design wall I will be able to get a better picture.  I am really liking the black border on the quilt.  The plan is to have this one finished by the end of October.

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Design Wall Monday 09-14-15

The Serengheti wall hanging is finished – the 18th for the year.

091415C (797x1024)Since the center block measures 17″, it would be fun to make 9 or 12 of them for a larger quilt.  Just an idea pinging around in my head, but not for right now – I need to stay focused on my list of star patterns instead.

Speaking of star patterns, this will be the next star project.

091415 (743x1024)The finished quilt size is listed as 70″ x 71″, but I would like it a bit longer for a twin sized quilt.  It may be a bit hard to see in the photo, but the top & bottom rows of stars have the points missing which I find a very strange design decision.  It will be really easy to add one more row to include the star tips and it will add about another 10″.

This quilt is going to be easy – cut out all the triangles for the stars & background, sew the triangles together in rows and then sew the rows together along with the border.  I am using blue & gray snowflake fat quarters for the stars with a white batik with very pale blue snowflakes as the background and a light gray for the border.

The triangles for each star are cut from 5 1/4″ strips, so each star is huge – before seams each star measures 21″ from point to point.

091415B (1024x491)Looking at the photo I already know that I will be moving some of the stars around.

I have also started a new leader/ender project – tumblers.  The quilt that was the leader/ender project is the cover quilt Thirty Something from the June 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  I have been sewing 4 patches from 1 1/2″ squares which have become rather boring.  Also I need to do a count to see where I am with them so that is two good reasons to set it aside for the moment.

The tumbler die for my Accuquilt Studio had never been used and 3 1/2″ tumblers are fun quick sewing – tumblers it is.  In a little under an hour I had all these cut out.  Actually there were more than this because the first row is already completed.  I wanted to know how many tumblers to put in each row & how many rows to make a twin sized quilt.  The answer is 35 tumblers and 35 rows.

091415A (899x1024)The white with small blue stars will be consistent throughout the quilt.  I found a 3 1/2 yard piece in my stash which I think will be enough.  If it is not then I will come up with a plan B.

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