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Design Wall Monday 03-09-15

The current oriental quilt top is all together.

030915  (875x1024)I don’t know the name of the block, so it was difficult coming up with a name for the quilt.  I finally decided on Oriental Tiles.  The top measures 58″ x 69″ – a nice lap size.

There were two pieces of fabric in consideration for the sashing and I picked the larger piece.  I didn’t do the math to figure out how much yardage would be needed for the sashing & border – I just started cutting.  Well, the quilting gods must have been smiling on me because once the top was finished all that was left was a strip 2″ wide by 12″.  Whew!

Now that this top is finished, it is time to do some machine quilting.  I plan to finish 3 or 4 tops this month – most of them on the smaller side.  The first one on the list is this top from 2013.

081813   (1018x1024)  It is 25″ square, so it should finish quickly.

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Friday Update

All 30 blocks have been made and sashing added to the top two rows.

030615 (865x1024)I wasn’t sure at first if my vision for the sashing and cornerstones would work, but the further along that I get the more I am pleased with it.  I especially like the lighter feel to this quilt top since the last oriental top that I made was darker with black background and borders.

Here are a few of my favorite blocks:

030615C  (1024x1005)

030615A (962x1024)I pieced the center square for a kaleidoscope effect in this block with the same stripe from the block above.

030615B (1024x985)Here is a koi fish applique in the middle of the block.

When organizing my fabric, I came across a Halloween charm pack which I think would work great in this block.  However that idea will have to wait until later.

For the first time ever, I am linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

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Design Wall Tuesday 03-03-15

February was oriental fabric month and I thought that I would be moving on to something different in March.  However in the process of organizing the fabric room, I came across a plastic bag filled with blocks made with – you guessed it – oriental fabric.

030315   (1024x581)There are rail fence blocks, bow tie blocks, broken dishes blocks and a 16 patch block.  There are even a couple of blocks that I don’t know the name of – including the block on the right.

I decided to put all the blocks in the orphan block bin except for the blocks on the right.  They are fast and easy to sew and I got quite a few finished this last weekend.

030315A  (1024x849)The setting is going to be 5 x 6 with sashing and cornerstones.  My best guess right now is that the quilt will end up somewhere around 55″ x 65″.  There will be sashing around the outside, but no border.  Hopefully this will be completed by this weekend.

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Oriental Churn Dash

Well, the Oriental Churn Dash quilt top is completed.

030115 (1024x1017)It took longer than I thought that it would to get it finished.  The zig-zag pattern is created by sewing triangles to each block in each column which takes more time than anticipated.  The quilt top looks better than the picture shows and I am happy with the result.

The pattern called for a 3″ inner border and a 10″ outer border, while in my version it has a 2″ inner border and a 5″ outer border – both borders determined by the amount of fabric from my stash.  The top measures 69″ square instead of 83″.

The butterflies fabric for the outer border contain all the colors of the churn dash blocks, and – I think – is a perfect choice.

February was the month for playing with oriental fabric and finishing two UFOs.  I thought that March would start with machine quilting, but that will not be the case – there is one more oriental quilt top waiting to be sewn, then it will be quilting tops.


Oriental Maze Quilt

I made this quilt last year –

The pattern is Amazing Maze from French Braid Transformation by Jane Hardy Miller.  My original idea was to fussy cut leaves from the border fabric and float them through the quilt top as soft edge applique.  However that plan did not work out.

The leaves in the fabric are small – only a couple of inches wide, so I would need a lot of leaves.  I didn’t have enough fabric, I didn’t want to buy more to cut all of the leaves that would be needed, and cutting the leaves was tedious.

So plan B was formed – fussy cut large blue or red oriental flowers to applique on the quilt.  This plan also was abandoned because the leaves said autumn to me and the flowers said summer.

Plan C – Sew down the sleeve and say the quilt is done.  Some projects are like this – they change and evolve as you progress.  You need to adapt or it is a fight to the finish.