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Dec 05 2016

Design Wall Monday 12-05-16

The One Block Wonder is finally finished.  The last border was attached on Saturday.


I think that I am mostly satisfied with it, however I keep wondering if I should have done something different with the border.  This is it though – I am not going change a thing.  The top measures 68 1/2″ x 77″, so it turned out a bit larger than I originally thought.

Yesterday and today was spent cleaning up and organizing before I pull out the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw for finishing.

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Nov 30 2016

Wednesday Update

I survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday – did you?  Last week was pretty crazy with menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking and family, but a good kind of crazy.  It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that I finally found some time to sit at the sewing machine.

A stop at the local quilt shop provided me with some help in selecting the inner and outer border for the One Block Wonder.  We decided on a grayish green for the half triangles for the top & bottom and a soft black batik for the outer border.  Friday I cut out all the half triangles and sewed them to the columns.  Any spare time on Saturday and Sunday was spent sewing the columns together, so now I have this on my design wall.


My plan is to incorporate some of the leftover hexagons into the outer border.  Hopefully the top will be finished by the end of this week.

There has been progress on my leader/ender projects – Four Patchwork is now a completed quilt top.


Currently I am sewing basket blocks as leader/enders for Charlotte’s Baskets quilt top.  I wanted a basket block with more background than the one shown in the pattern, so I substituted Fancy Basket from Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker $168.


This top should come together quickly since all the string triangles are ready.

Probably the most exciting thing to happen on Friday was that I now have an answer to my problem with the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw.  I received an email from a quilt store that said that they would have people around on Friday to answer questions or help with a Judy Neiemeyer pattern, so off I went.  As you recall my block looked like a volcano (the sales lady called it a D cup) and the answer was to aggressively steam the block flat.  Now I am a dry iron kind of gal, so this approach didn’t occur to me.  But as you can see it worked, so this must be the way to deal with it.


I am glad to get an answer and as soon as the OBW is finished, I will be working on the bear claws.  Hopefully I will be able to find enough time to finish these projects before the end of the year.


Nov 18 2016

Friday Progress Report

On Wednesday I started sewing the columns together on the One Block Wonder.


Just over half of the columns are sewn together.  I do have to say that for some reason I expected the columns to be shorter, but I am happy that there didn’t.  Right now my best guess is that the top will be 50ish x 60ish inches before borders.  And I still haven’t made a decision on the borders.  A wavy stripe from the same fabric line was found on Ebay for $25 a yard – uh no thank you!  I should have thought about the borders when I originally bought the fabric, but I didn’t.  Oh well, I will figure something out.

I have also been making four string blocks a day.  I am not exactly sure what quilt they will be in, but I am still enjoying the process of sewing all those strings so I will continue.  Only two more blocks are needed for the leader/ender quilt top and then it will be finished.

My end-of-year goal is to finish the OBW quilt top, the leader/ender quilt top, the Rocky Mtn Bear Claw quilt top and two Lincoln blocks.  I should be able to manage that, shouldn’t I?

Have a good weekend,


Nov 14 2016

Design Wall Monday 11-14-16

It is a bigger project to design a One Block Wonder than I thought.  I was going to record the progress with a picture once a day, but that didn’t happen.  I would rearrange the blocks one day and then stare at the design wall for two days then repeat.  This is what I started with last week.


Over the weekend I decided that I liked the middle part, so I moved that section to the upper left hand of the design wall and started adding/moving/removing blocks.  After spending several hours designing today, I think that it is getting close to done.


This is fairly close to the final design – just a little tweaking here and there before it is sewn together.  Tomorrow is granddaughter day, so on Wednesday I am just going to call this good and start sewing the rows together.

In between designing the OBW, I have also been sewing blocks for the Four Patchwork quilt top.


There are three blocks left to sew – the plan is to have this finished by the end of the week.

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Nov 07 2016

Design Wall Monday 11-07-16


All the large and medium squares have been sewn into blocks and the first four rows are complete.  The remaining three rows will take longer since they will include blocks made with the smallest squares.  I think that I will add an inner and outer border to make it a bit larger.

All of these squares were sewn as leaders/enders while working on the hexagons for my One Block Wonder.  I really need to come up with a better name for this quilt top.


Anyway all the hexagon blocks have been sewn (the stack is 8″ tall), so now it is time to start the design process.  I didn’t count how many blocks there actually are, but my best guess is somewhere between 125 – 140.

I also managed to find time over the weekend to sew the remaining 20 string blocks for Wild Child by Bonnie Hunter.


Next up will be string blocks for Zuckerwatte.  It has been great to have a machine set up just for string blocks without having to clean everything up to sew on something different.  I also like the idea of having several quilt projects cut out and ready for sewing as leaders/enders.

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Nov 02 2016

Wednesday Update

It feels great to get back to piecing after all the applique on the Happy Halloween quilt top.  I have started sewing the blocks for the One Block Wonder.  All the curves in the fabric are going to make wonderful blocks full of movement.


It is fun to compare the kaleidoscope blocks with the original fabric.  This is one of my favorite blocks so far.


Right now I am thinking about adding some full hexagons from the original fabric into the quilt top, but the final decision will be made when I start arranging the blocks.

I also started a new leader/ender project – Four Patchwork by Temecula Quilt Co.


The quilt will finish at 48″ x 56″ unless I add borders.  The quilt starts with larger blocks in the upper left hand, progress to medium squares through the middle and will end with smaller square in the lower left.  I saw this sew-a-long on the Temecula Quilt Co blog this summer, but now the pattern is for sale in their store.

Yesterday my 18 month old granddaughter was holding a cracker in each hand and trying to carry her sippy cup in her teeth – it didn’t work so well.  There is always an adventure here on Tuesdays and I am so blessed to experience it with her.