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Mar 15 2017

A Nifty Thrifty Finish

Yesterday the last of the binding for Nifty Thrifty (67 1/2″ x 79 1/2″) was completed – the 8th finish for the year.

I machine quilted Baptist Fans with a medium dark gray thread and am very pleased with the result.  Nifty Thrifty is going to spend some time on my bed before I even consider finding it a new home.

Any sewing time today and tomorrow will be spent on the Apple Core quilt top.


Apr 14 2016

Thursday Update

The Nifty Thrifty quilt top was completed last week.  The top finished at 70″ x 81″.  I like the scrappy border on it.

040416   (881x1024)

However once it was done, I had a hard time finding inspiration to start another project.  So I took a short sewing break to organize fabric and finish the machine quilting on the Bluegrass Frogs quilt.

While machine quilting the Bluegrass Frogs the first time, I ran into problems with the monofilament thread breaking every 6″.  I picked up a couple of different brands to see which one would work the best for me.  I used the Aurifil thread to complete the machine quilting without any problems.  There is one more side and the sleeve to finish hand stitching, then Bluegrass Frogs will be completed.

In addition to the machine quilting, I dug out four wool owl ornaments to work on in the evening.

041316A  (843x1024)The first one is finished – three to go.

041316B   (1024x683)It feels good to be excited about piecing again, so today I started on the orange Lincoln block.  And yes, I did count the pieces in one block – 337.

Hopefully by Sunday evening I will have the Bluegrass Frogs quilt and an orange Lincoln block to share.

Have a good weekend,


Apr 01 2016

Progress on Nifty Thrifty

I really wanted to get the Nifty Thrifty quilt top finished in March, but it just didn’t happen.  Thursday evening everything except the outer border was completed, but I was too tired to continue.

040116   (900x1024)

Those yellow blocks really pop out, don’t they?

I wanted to lighten up the quilt, so I used light fabric for the inner border.  The outer border will be different lengths of all the gray & blue fabrics that was used in the blocks.  The plan is to use as much of the shirt fabric as I can.

I also have two more quilts planned from the recycled shirts, but I will be making them as leaders/enders.  I had better get busy – those borders won’t sew themselves.  Does anyone have a border elf at their house that they could lend me?  Thanks


Mar 28 2016

Design Wall Monday 03-28-16

All 30 blocks for the Nifty Thrifty quilt are done and now I am working on the sashing.  I found a piece of light green fabric in my stash for the cornerstones.032816  (831x1024)The sashing is a dark blue and a gray taupe fabric.  I am not sure yet what I will do about the border, but hopefully I can find something in my stash.

I have pieces cut out for two more shirt quilts and then the rest of the fabric will go into my regular stash bins.  Using recycled shirts was a fun experience, but I probably won’t buy any more.

Linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Mar 25 2016

Nifty Thrifty

Happy Friday,

Well this last week has been extremely busy with family, but I did manage to get some piecing done.  While working on the purple Lincoln block I used the Nifty Thrifty blocks as leaders/enders and now have 14 blocks finished.  I also made a couple of blocks reversing the lights & darks to try this layout.

032516  (1024x420)

Maybe I would like it if I had used two colors, but I don’t like it scrappy.  So I have decided to make a Nifty Thrifty and a Reverse Nifty Thrifty quilt top – I have more than enough shirts to make both tops.

032516A   (1024x425)

My goal is to have the center of the quilt top finished this weekend.  Hey, it is always good to have goals, right?


Mar 08 2016

That Idea Was a Dud

My idea for the Nifty Thrifty was to reverse the light & dark in the block and alternate them throughout the quilt.  Well I made a couple of blocks to test the layout and am not thrilled with the results.

030816  (1024x510)

I like the looks of the reversed block, but not with the original block.  At this rate I may end up with two Nifty Thrifty quilts.