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So Long, Farewell and Good-bye


After serious consideration over the last 8 weeks, I have decided to discontinue my blog.  When blogging becomes a chore on my to-do-list instead of a fun activity, it is time for a change, so this is my last entry.

For the grand finale, here are my most recent quilt finishes.

Valley of the Kings Counterpoint (60″ x 67 3/4″) – a Mountainpeek Creations pattern – was completed in June. 

It was machine quilted with the panto-graph bamboo.

Bamboo - Pantograph

The next finish was this wool applique wall-hanging Little Quilt Delights (18 1/2″ x 23″)

Social Sharks was the third finish for June which is now hanging in my home office.

I have busy this summer, haven’t I?  The fourth finish is a birthday/Christmas gift for one of my granddaughters – Meteor Shower (72″ x 88″) which was quilted with the panto-graph Solar Eclipse.

My fifth and final finish is the Whatnots wall-hanging Midnight.

I wish everyone much success on their quilting journey with minimal use of the seam ripper.


May Update

I managed to squeak in a few finishes in May.  The first finish is the Oriental Twinkle Star quilt top (57″ x 57″).

060116 (1024x1005)

All the fabric came from my stash except for a couple of dark blue batiks.  There are actually three different background fabrics in the top, but I think it all blends together nicely.  I will be using the black & white stripe for the binding.

The second finish is Meteor Shower.

060116A (903x1024)

This top (72 1/2″ x 88 1/2″) is larger than my design wall, so it was difficult to get a good picture.  The diagram for the top shows two opposite corners mitered and the other two with butted borders.  I don’t remember if this was how Pepper Cory designed the quilt or she was just showing different options.  Either way I decided to go with the mitered corners.

Meteor Showers is not one of my favorite quilts, but I am happy to have moved this from an UFO into a quilt top.

I have also been busy working on the wool owl ornaments.

060116B (498x1024)

Only one more to go, then this project will be completed.  Tomorrow I start on the green Lincoln block.


Design Wall Monday 05-02-16

Meteor Shower is back up on my design wall – again.  I pulled out this UFO in 2014 and then packed it back up.  Here is the one short post about it with this picture

022414A (1024x766)

The first thing I wanted to do was figure out exactly why it was a UFO.  When I took this class with Pepper Cory we received a diagram of the quilt, templates & instructions on piecing the blocks, several other layout suggestions and a picture of her quilt top.  As you can see my color selection was black, gray and lime green, but I didn’t have an overall vision of the quilt and that is why it collected dust as a UFO.

This time I realized that I should have started with a focus fabric.  So after digging through my stash I decided to use this fabric.  050216 (1024x471)After sewing a few blocks and adding them to the design wall, the quilt top was looking a bit dark and unappealing.

050216C  (1024x471)

What is wrong now?  After thinking about it for a day, I realized that there needed to be more contrast between the focus fabric blocks and the drunkard’s path blocks.  Back to the cutting table I went.

050216A  (1024x474)

This is looking better.  Now I think that I am on the right track.  There is an added bonus to working on this quilt project this month – I will use scraps from the green fabric to make the next Lincoln block.

I am leaving for the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City tomorrow, so Meteor Shower & the green Lincoln block will have to wait until I return.

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