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Mar 31 2017

Long Time Gone Week 3

Week three and I am keeping up with the Long Time Gone sewalong.  This week is six Crosses of the U.K. blocks.

I am using a striped fabric for the sashing and adding it to the blocks as they are made.

The pattern directions also use the sashing fabric for checkerboard panels, but I plan to use the light beige fabric instead.

The burnt orange Lincoln block was finished today – three more blocks left to make!

The setting triangles will be the next part added to this project.  My middle daughter found me a tag that reads “This took forever” to put on the back of this quilt – sometimes it does feel like it has been forever.

Between the Lincoln quilt and Long Time Gone, the leader/ender blocks are almost finished – only six more to go.  I found some fabric for the inner and outer border that I hope will work.

The first four blocks in the top row are sewn together.  I wanted to see if it was going to be tricky to get the light strips matching correctly, but everything went together smoothly.

Since the weather channel predicts some snow for this weekend, the plan is to machine quilt the Apple Core quilt.


Mar 02 2017

Lincoln Block #9

Yesterday I finished another Lincoln block.

This one goes in the center of the quilt.  I was a bit concerned about my color decision, but after seeing it with all the other blocks I think that it looks great.

I also made and attached the yellow/green setting triangle along with the sashing between the yellow and red blocks.  Only four more blocks to make – YEAH!  The four remaining block colors are dark green, dark orange/rust, gold, and purple.

After consideration I realized why it takes 2 – 4 days to make each Lincoln block.  Sure each block has 337 pieces, but it is mostly because I need to be so focused all the time – from cutting all the different sized pieces to the precision of the seam allowances.   However I have to say that with each new block addition I am more in love with this quilt.

On one of my smaller design walls is all the pieces for an Apple Core quilt. 

This will be the next leader/ender project once Charlotte’s Baskets is completed.  I haven’t decided yet if I will move some of the cores or just sew it together as it is.  That decision will be made when I start the piecing.  When the top is completed and machine quilted, I will trim the edges.

Next up is another small applique wallhanging and the pieced backing for Nifty Thrifty.  Hopefully I will get a quilt sandwich made tomorrow so that I can start the machine quilting this weekend.


Oct 31 2016

Design Wall Monday 10-31-16

I spent the first part of last week organizing and cleaning my cutting table.  On Friday I started on a red Lincoln block and got all the checkerboard parts finished.


Saturday morning I sewed the corner star units and by dinner time I had a completed Lincoln block.


It usually takes me 3 or 4 days to make one block, so this is a new record for me.  I now have 8 completed Lincoln blocks with 5 more to make.  The plan is to make two more this year – a dark green and a gray/black – and then finish the quilt top by May 2017.

Oh, you wanted proof that my cutting table was clean?  Here it is –


I won’t talk about the Handiquilter table however.  As you can see the next project is a One Block Wonder using some Laurel Burch horse fabric.  This is another quilt that has been on my list for years and now it is time.  It is easy cutting & sewing and so fun to see the blocks come together – each one is a new surprise.  There should be enough of them to show in a couple of days.

In the mean time check out all the other quilt inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.

Happy Halloween


Oct 06 2016

Yellow Lincoln Block Fixed

Yesterday the star cornerstones for the Lincoln block were sewn and attached.


Nice and flat – Yeah!  I plan to make several more blocks before attaching them to the main part of the quilt.  The next color will probably be red or dark green.

In honor of October I pulled out the Happy Halloween blocks.  Hopefully I will have a finished quilt top before the end of the month.


All the applique has been fused to the blocks, so I need to buttonhole stitch around all the pieces and add all the finishing details.  Pretty boring work, but once it is done the rest will be quick and easy.


Oct 01 2016

Grumpy Friday

I was going to write this post yesterday, but I was – well, grumpy and it was all my own dang fault.  Thursday I worked on the LeMoyne stars for the corners of the Lincoln block and Friday I attached them.


Doesn’t look too good, does it?  Here is a side view of the block sitting on my ironing board.


What I realized was that I had used the wrong diamond template for the stars and they need to be redone.  I use Marti Michell’s templates for the 6″ LeMoyne star in the setting triangle and grabbed the smallest diamond template from the set for the corner stars in the block.  It is really close to the same size as the diamond template from the pattern, but – as you can see – not exact.  So now I am grumpy because I will be removing all four stars, remaking them and sewing them back on.  At least I know what happened with this block.

Before I left on vacation, I had mentioned that there were issues with the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw block.  When all five pieces were sewn together, I had a small volcano.  After removing the stitches, I used pins for the seam allowances to try and figure out what is going on.  I have no clue!


Look at that gap.  The only thing that I can think is that the center square is the wrong size.  I need to check on Judy Niemeyer’s website and see if there are any corrections to the pattern, but I am just not in the mood to figure it out right now.

Since I was grumpy about these two sewing disasters, I did the only logical thing – started a new project.


This pattern is the Make It Mini Cartwheel from the August 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.  Each block is 6″ finished and I only need 6 for a small wallhanging (17 1/2″ x 23 1/2″).  A quick and cheerful project is just what I needed.  I think that I will have the top finished by tomorrow afternoon, then it will be back to the problem children.

I hope your week was better than mine.



Jun 22 2016

Lincoln Quilt

After working like crazy on the Lincoln quilt, I am proud to announce that I am caught up – May and June’s color blocks are finished.

062216  (1024x713)

There are now 6 completed block out of 13, so I am almost half way done.  I wonder what July’s color will be?


Jun 20 2016

Design Wall Monday 06-20-16

The goal this week is to get caught up with the Lincoln blocks.  May’s green and June’s aqua blocks need to be completed before July arrives with a new color.

062016   (966x1024)

Using the apple green fabric from Meteor Shower, this block was finished last Friday.  However I realized on Saturday that aqua fabric was lacking in my stash.  I have a lot of dark teal/turquoise fabric, but was only able to find two pieces of aqua.  So it was a trip to the local quilt shop for stash enhancement.

After the successful trip, I managed to piece the middle square of the block yesterday.

062016A  (1005x1024)I really like how this one is looking and hope to have it completed today.  Then I will be busy with the sashing and setting triangles.

This quilt sandwich hanging on a design wall is awaiting machine quilt inspiration.  The top was pieced in 2011 and I think that it is time for it to become a finished quilt.

062016B  (830x1024)I am hoping to start on this once the Lincoln blocks are done.

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Apr 18 2016

Design Wall Monday 04-18-16

Yeah! – the orange Lincoln block is done and attached to the other blocks.

041816 (1024x1016)

Of all the colors, orange is the one that I use the least.  In fact I was thinking that I would need to make a quilt store run just to have variety to make the block, however I was lucky enough to find all the scraps I needed in my stash.

041816A (960x1024)

The orange block now means that I am almost 1/3 way through this quilt top.  It is so exciting to add each new color and wonder what the next month will bring.

041816B (668x1024)

The orange/blue LeMoyne star in the setting triangle is my “Broncos Star”.  Next month I will need to find a bigger design wall for this project.

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Mar 26 2016

Purple Lincoln Block

The purple Lincoln block is finished.

032616  (1024x983)

While I was piecing the block this month, I also worked on becoming more organized.  I labeled a bunch of plastic bags to make it easier to sew next months block.  There are 1 1/8″ strips, 1 3/8″ strips, 1 1/2″ strips, 2 1/4″ strips and more – it is amazing how many different sized there are.  I also plan on counting the number of pieces in the block.  My best guess is around 300.

The sashing was added to the pink and purple Lincoln blocks and then sewn to the blue block.  I really like how it is looking and it gives me a good idea of what the final quilt will look like.  Right now my best estimate is that the quilt will finish around 75″ square – unless a border is added.

032616A   (1024x791)

It will be fun to see what the color for April will be.  If it is a warm color – red or orange – then the block will be placed under the blue block.  If it is a cool color like green then it will go next to the pink block.

Linking in with Last Purple Saturday at soscrappy.


Feb 22 2016

Design Wall Monday 02-22-16

I have been working on a pink Lincoln block since Friday.

022216  (1015x1024)

Today I am going to piece the other three LeMoyne stars and finish the block.  Almost all of the pieces in the block are an unusual size, so a lot of time is spent with the cutting.

These blocks are going to be set on-point with a 3-2-3-2-3 layout – 13 blocks.  Since the goal is to make one block a month this will probably be a 2017 finish.  Each monthly block will be sewn in the color picked by Angela at soscrappy.

Today I also want to map out the design in the setting triangles and decide on the width of the sashing.  It is going to be so fun seeing this quilt come together.  It will look nothing like the quilt in the book – are you surprised?

Linking up at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.