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Machine Quilting Madness

Most of my sewing time for the last two weeks have been spent machine quilting.  The first quilt top completed was Dashing.

The panto-graph I used is Geisha which is like a combination of clam shells and Baptist fans.  This is the best picture I could get of the motif.

Backing surprise – a couple of extra blocks to decorate the back.

Dashing and Michigan were pieced from the same fat quarter stack, so once Dashing came off the frame I loaded Michigan using the same thread color.  My goal was 2 – 4 rows a day and the quilting on Michigan was completed on last Tuesday.

Hopefully I can get the binding started tomorrow.

Next on the frame was the Liberated Churn Dash baby quilt.

It was machine quilted with the panto-graph Ginger Flight.  I was a bit hesitant with this design due to the backtracking on the butterflies’ antennas.  To my delight most (not all, but most) of the butterflies look great.

Yesterday afternoon the Patchwork Basket wall-hanging was machine quilted in less than an hour.

I have plenty of hand-stitching for this week.

Have a good week and stay warm – it has been snowing here all day.


Journey of the Liberated Churn Dash Block

This journey starts in 2011 when I printed off the Liberated Churn Dash tutorial from the Sew Joy Creations blog.

Over the years I have looked at the directions and thought “some day”.  Some day happened when I was asked to make baby quilts and this pattern instantly came to mind.  One big block in pinks & purples would make a wonderful quilt for a baby girl.

To give proper credit for the block design, I checked out the Sew Joy Creations website for the first time in 11 years.  To my complete shock I discovered that the picture above is a smaller block laid on top of a larger block, not combined into one block.

Liberated Churn Dash QUILT by Sarah Vanderburgh of www.sewjoycreations.com

The tutorial explains how to make the smaller block with the notation that Sarah from Sew Joy would make five of the bigger blocks.  I took that to mean that she would take five smaller blocks and incorporate them into the five larger blocks.  How I got this so wrong for so long is beyond me.

I have a bit of a stubborn streak, so I set out to make one large Liberated Churn Dash block with an inset smaller block.

The tutorial directions use a fabric foundation for sewing the scrappy fabric on, however I did it differently.  I made a freezer paper pattern which was then ironed onto the fabric and cut out.

The parts were numbered and a grainline indicated for the background pieces.  Before long I had a Liberated Churn Dash block.

The larger churn dash pattern with a cut out for the smaller block was the next step.

The most difficult part was sewing the small block into the large block – the rest is very easy.  In a couple of hours the baby quilt top was completed.

The top finished around 33 1/2″ x 34 1/2″.  In the interest of full disclosure, a narrow strip of gray fabric was added to the bottom left of the quilt.  I forgot to account for the seams of the larger block and didn’t want to chop off the points on the smaller block.  I could have used the same background fabric, but instead went with something different to add a bit of playfulness to the quilt.

Right now I am considering a butterfly panto-graph for the machine quilting.

So, how is your quilting journey going?