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Jurassic Park Quilt Part 1

My current project isn’t technically an UFO by my definition – no cutting & no sewing – but it feels as if it is due to the length of time it has been packed away.  I have pulled this out multiple times over the years and always just shoved it right back in the bin.

There were three main reasons that this project never got out of the starting gate.

  1.  I was short on the focus fabric according to the pattern requirements.
  2.  Previously my pineapple blocks were not as accurate as I wanted.
  3.  The design on the focus fabric was smaller scale than the pattern picture.

But now I was ready to conquer this quilt top.  The pattern is Provence in the Positively Pineapple quilt book by Lynda Mulligan & Nancy Smith.  It is a solid center cut of fabric surrounded by pineapple borders.

I am using this dinosaur print for my focus fabric, even though the design scale is smaller.

After some research, I bought the large Square in a Square ruler set from Studio 180.  Deb Tucker has a good You-tube video for modifications on the ruler to assist in the precision pineapple blocks.

The ruler covers the whole block and has 6 – 10 reference points for accurate trimming.  After making two test blocks, I chain pieced the remaining 16 blocks.

It didn’t take too long before the blocks were completed.  I am so pleased with the new ruler and the finished blocks.

To be continued – the borders