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Jurassic Park Quilt Part 2

Now that the pineapple border blocks are completed, it is time for the setting triangles.

The pattern directions called for squares cut diagonally twice which works great except for striped fabric.  Using this method with stripes, you get two triangles with vertical stripes and two triangles with horizontal stripes.  However I wanted all my stripes to flow to the center, so I needed to cut the triangles from strips instead of squares.

Also I wanted the stripes to wrap around the corners, so I cut QST for the corner triangles.  That was the easy part – now on to the center setting triangles.

As I mentioned in my last post, I did not have as much focus fabric as the pattern called for and my fabric is directional.  The first solution was to cut the triangles from strips instead of squares and the second was to add an inner border.  I sewed a 1 1/2″ green strip to the top and bottom of a vertical & horizontal focus fabric strip so that I could cut the top/bottom and left/right side setting triangles.

I used a stripe triangle as a guide to cut the inner setting triangles, being very careful not to cut into the strip fabric.  Once the first inner triangles was cut, I flipped the fabric over to cut the second setting triangle.  The strip set shown above provided both top and bottom triangles. 

I was very careful when placing the triangles to verify that the dinosaurs were roaming the quilt right side up.

The four borders were pieced and sewn to the center, leaving the corner units to be added last.

And the finished quilt top!  I am leaving the trimming of the outer border until the quilting is completed.  The binding will be the same green fabric as the inner border.

I was right though – the scale of the focus fabric should have been larger, however I am pleased with the final result.  It is colorful & bold and FINALLY a quilt top.

Next up is a small pillow for a gift and the next Whatsnot wall-hanging kit that just arrived.

Have a good quilty week,