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Aug 23 2012

Hunter Star finished!

It is finished – except for the label.  It is hard to see in the picture, but it is quilted with stars.  When you first look at the quilt, it looks like cross-hatch quilting, but then you notice the consecutive stars.  It is a challenge for me to decide on a masculine quilting design.

I will be able to give Hunter his present on his birthday.  I can’t wait to see what he thinks of it.

When I was finishing the binding on the Hunter Star, a new project demanded to be started.  It wasn’t even on my list, but this cute table topper in autumn colors said “Make me!  Make me!”.   Does your fabric talk to you also?

The pattern is Crazy Eight Strip Teaser by Jae’s Attic.  She gives great directions along with lots of colored photographs.  I started this Saturday evening and finished the machine quilting last night.  Tomorrow night I will sew on the binding, then it will be time to tackle the alphabet quilt.


Jun 10 2012

Quilt Top Completed

I haven’t posted any pictures of the Hunter Star quilt for awhile, because frankly even though I was working on it steadily, a picture would not have looked much different from the one already posted.  But yesterday evening I finished the quilt top so here it is.

Instead of an inner border, I inserted a 1/4″ piping between the body and the border.  I really like how the little sliver of blue frames the middle of the quilt.

The finished size is 58 1/2″ x 64 1/2″ which is a good size for a seven year old.

It is going to stay on the design wall while I contemplate quilting designs – probably something with stars. I am planning to start the machine quilting towards the end of this month.  The goal is to have it completed by the middle of July.


May 30 2012

Hunter’s Hunter Star Quilt

No, I didn’t stutter – this Hunter Star quilt is  for my grandson Hunter.

Here are 50 finished blocks with 6 more to go unless . . .

The first plan was a 7 x 8 layout with 6″ finished blocks and a border.  But now I am considering an 8 x 9 layout with a border which would be an additional 16 blocks.

In the picture on the right side is the blue fabric that I was *absolutely sure* was going to be perfect for the border.  The joke is on me because now that I see it with the completed blocks it is terrible.  If this was kindergarten, I would say that it doesn’t play well with others.  The decision of border fabric will wait until I have the middle completed.

I am using the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler by Deborah Tucker and I would recommend it.  In this method the blocks are sewn over-sized and then trimmed down.  The biggest advantage to this technique is that the blocks go together so easily since each is the correct size.  I did discover that you really need to sew a true 1/4″ seam to get an accurate block.  Since my tendency is to sew a scant 1/4″, I need to pay attention and take a teeny tiny deeper seam.

It has been fun seeing this quilt come together and I see another Hunter Star quilt in my future.