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Baby Hot Flashes Finished

071413   (860x1024) I remembered reading this post on Bonnie Hunter’s blog about quilting baptist fans. Basically what she does is hand quilt the fans around the outside first and then spiral in towards the center.  Since my HQ is a sit down model, I wondered if I could machine quilt the fans in the same way – and the answer is yes.  Thank you Bonnie!

The last time I quilted fans they were in rows across the top from bottom to top which reminds me more of a clam shell motif.  The inward spiral of fans moves the eye to the center of the quilt.

071413A    (1024x768)This quilting design will definitely be used on another quilt top, but now I need to get busy with a birthday quilt that is due in 13 days.


Mid-Week Update

The baby Hot Flashes quilt top is completed.

062513   (883x1024)It is okay, but I don’t plan on making another baby Hot Flashes.  I think that this pattern needs more than 12 blocks for the design to shine.

However I did have an inspiration for the next lap sized Hot Flashes.  Here is a picture of the original block.

062513A  (1024x1004)The block is constructed with three 4 1/2″ strips and one 6 1/2″ strip.  What if you started with a 4-patch and then added the 4 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ strip?

062513B  (1009x1024)What if the 6 1/2″ strip was really a 4 1/2″ rectangle sewn to a 2 1/2″ square?  And the 2 1/2″ squares were the same color as the corner triangle making a diagonal chain through the block?  I didn’t make a test block of that thought, but is a future project.

Right now, I am sewing (again) on the Autumn Rings-n-Things.

062513C   (945x1024)The blocks are easy, but time-consuming.  The plan is to have the middle done this weekend and then decide on borders.

I already have an idea for another version of this pattern.  The tan center is finished 5″.  What if I put pinwheels or 9-patches or an hourglass block in there instead?  I am thinking of Fossil Fern fabric with a dark blue background.

But for now I need to focus on this top.


Hot Flashes 2 Top Completed

Since I gave my first Hot Flashes as a birthday present to a granddaughter, I knew that I would be making another one for me.

Here is the birthday present Hot Flashes –

041313A   (1024x768)and here is my Hot Flashes 2 quilt top draped over the couch.

062313   (932x1024)The colors in the current top are a bit darker than the first.  I used the same gray fabric in both quilt tops because I like it so much.  It will probably be awhile before it is quilted.

There was enough leftover scraps to make 12 blocks for a baby quilt.

062313A (793x1024)All it needs is the inner and outer border.  I also have a container filled with triangles cut from the corner of the block.

062313B  (1024x768)Right now I don’t have a plan for these triangles, but I am sure that I will think of something.

The next project in the queue is Autumn Rings-n-Things.  Is it too early to be thinking of autumn?


Hot Flashes Completed

041313A   (1024x768)

It has been a busy week quilting and binding this top, but it is finished!  I don’t have a place in my house to take a picture of twin-sized or larger quilts, so here it is on my bed.  Doesn’t it look great?  Since this one is a present, I am planning on making a second Hot Flashes just for me.

A close up of the quilting –

041313    (1024x768)

I learned two lessons while I was quilting this top.  If the machine is skipping stitches, check to see if the needle is in backwards and I really need to practice echo quilting.

The first project on my list for April is now finished.  Next up is another fleece/flannel blanket.  What is on your quilting list?


Design Wall Monday 04-08-13

On my design wall are the 7 blocks for the Rings ‘n Things quilt top.

040813    (1024x558)Each block has 13 pieces but takes me over an hour to piece because of curves.  Three more blocks are cut, however another project has demanded attention.

I looked at the month of April and almost panicked.  The Hot Flashes quilt needs to be finished – quilted and bound – this month and it will be the largest (68″ x 84″) that I have quilted myself.  Next Saturday is quilt guild and the following Saturday will be babysitting grandchildren, so that leaves two weekends.

040813A  (1024x858)Saturday and Sunday was spent here.  I am using blue/green variegated thread on the blocks, black thread on the black sashing and gray thread on the gray sashing.

If I can get the quilting finished and the binding attached, then I can hand sew the binding down during quilt guild.  It sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

Check out what everyone else is doing at Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday.


Hot Flashes Quilt Top Completed

The quilt top finished at 68″ x 84″.  I don’t have a good place in my house to photograph quilts this large, so I tried one on the bed and

one on the design wall.  I think that this will be great on my bed once I get it quilted.

Hot Flashes doesn’t really work as a name for my quilt since I used cool colors, but I normally don’t name my quilts so this will be just fine.

In my next post I will show you what I have been doing with the leftover bits from this quilt top.


Border Decision ?

To border or not to border – that is the question.

Do I call this complete or do I add orders?  The directions called for three borders – 1″, 1″, and 5″.

Okay, I have made my decision – borders, but only two.  The first will be a 2″ black inner border and the second will be a 4″ light gray border.

I had better get busy sewing.