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Owls and Hexies

The last couple of days have been spent hand sewing binding.  The first quilt finished was the wool applique owls – I love the autumn look of this project and the big eyes of the owls.  The wallhanging measures 14″ x 28″.

121014   (632x1024)

The oriental hexies was the next project finished.  It is 20 1/2″ x 27″.  I enjoyed the hand stitching of the little hexagons and really like the look of the finished piece, but next time I think that the hexies will be bigger than 1/2″.

121014A   (810x1024)I am hoping to machine quilt at least one more top by the end of the year, but no promises since I am so easily distracted by all things quilt related.

Happy sewing,


Design Wall Monday 09-15-14

Good Grief – Is September half over already?  It doesn’t seem possible.

This is a view of my hexie project box last week.

091514   (1024x768)The very last hexie was added, the project appliqued to the background fabric, and a quilt sandwich made.  The next step is deciding on the quilting motif for it.

091514A  (794x1024)While I am making that decision, I started on some Spiderweb blocks using the free pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s website.

091514B  (1024x527)I really like the black and white strip between the kite shapes and the strings.  There was one yard of the yellow middle fabric and I was able to cut enough kites to make 30 blocks.  This is a perfect pattern for just feeding fabric through the machine which appeals to me right now.

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Design Wall Monday 8-25-14

One of my main goals this last week was my hexie project.

082514   (768x1024)All the gold hexies are completed and the only thing left is the black pathway.  There are a couple of wool projects calling my name, but I am resisting until this project is completed.

I have also been working on a small pieced wallhanging.  At the last quilt guild meeting, I was gifted with a charm pack.  I was thinking about a block or pattern for the charms and I had a “light bulb” moment – a Disappearing 9 Patch literally.

082514A   (806x1024)Not what you expected, right?  I love it – it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Wouldn’t this be cute as a baby quilt with the baby’s name across the top?  This quilt is 28″ x 36″ with the squares for the 9 patches cut at 2″.  It would be so easy to increase the size of the quilt by increasing the size of the squares.

The plan is to gift this project back to the person who gave me the charms, but I think that I will need to make another one for me.

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Design Wall Monday 08-18-14

The Arabic Lattice quilt top is finished.081814   (996x1024)It measures 64″ square and was made with the Arabic Lattice templates by John Flynn.  Each block is 9 1/2″ unfinished.

I was interested in exploring a light to dark / inside to outside shading for this project.   I think it was successful.

081814A (1024x763) There has also been some progress on my hexie project – Oriental Flower Garden.081814B(858x1024)I counted this morning and there are only 10 more gold hexies.  The goal is to have this project completed this month.

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Hexies & More

Slow and steady has been the progress on the hexie wallhanging.  I am over half way finished and very pleased with it.

062814   (844x1024)All of the flowers are completed, now I need to work on the outer ring and the pathway.  The plan is to go along the bottom, up the left side and then across the top.  It is a great watching movies project.

I also completed the machine quilting on the charity quilt.  The person who pieced the top is going to put on the binding.

062814A  (768x1024)This is the first time that I machine quilted a top that I did not make.

What is your definition of UFO?  In the quilting world UFO stands for UnFinished prOject, but the exact nature of a UFO is very individual.  A quilter in my guild believes that fabric wrapped around a pattern is a UFO, but I consider that a self-made kit.  Some quilters define a UFO as any project started that is not a finished quilt.

Personally I break the quilt making process into two stages.  Any project with material cut or sewn is a UFO until it is a quilt top.  The quilt top is a finished object – they don’t take up as much space as a quilt and they are wonderful when you need a quilt in a short amount of time.

However once the quilt sandwich has been made, it is a UFO until it has been quilted, bound and labeled.

So, what is your definition of UFO?


Design Wall Monday 06-16-14

I did it – I finished the Kingyo quilt top yesterday evening.

061614    (811x1024)As you can see, this one is also bigger than my design wall – maybe I need a bigger wall.  This top is 59″ x 78 1/2″.

I worked on my hexie project at quilt guild on Saturday.

061614A  (755x1024)Isn’t this a great background fabric for the hexies?    The wallhanging will be three flowers across and five rows long.  The plan is to applique the flower garden directly on the background fabric.

One of the ladies at quilt guild had made a charity quilt and I said that I would quilt it, so that is my next project.  After that I think I will start something new – maybe a Buggy Barn quilt.

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More Hexies

I have been spending so much time on the computer at work that it is hard to come home and sit at the sewing machine.  But I have been having lots of fun hand stitching these little hexies.

052214   (1024x1020) All the fabrics are scraps from the oriental bin.  I will decide on the border once the center is completed.

It is surprising to me how much I am enjoying sewing the hexies, but I am glad that this is a small wallhanging.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend – talk to you next week.


Hello Again

Last weekend I was in Denver for the Denver Quilt Show and to visit family.  While I was there I picked up some fabric to make Witches Brew by Judy Niemeyer -blues and tans.

050914C  (1024x768)I have been making plans to turn this bed runner into a square quilt, but since this will be a fall project I have time to think about it.

The current list of projects start with the machine quilting of this quilt top.

050914   (1002x1024)This is one of my oldest quilt tops, but I really like the monster print.

I remember that I showed another quilter this quilt top when it was finished, her comment was that it was too busy.  Maybe that is the reason that I haven’t quilted it before now.  But when I look at this top and think about what I am currently sewing – this is quite calm.

050914A  (1024x768)I want to improve my machine applique, so the second project is an Oriental kit.  I bought Sharon Schamber’s book Piece by Piece Machine Applique and this quilt seems perfect for trying her technique.

050914D   (724x1024)The applique will go along the right and bottom borders once they are attached.

I also have my leaders and enders project and the quilt guild’s mystery quilt top to sew.

When I am not at the sewing machine, I have been hand sewing hexies.  This is a new technique for me and I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it.

050914B  (1024x940)These hexagons measure 1/2″ along each side, so this will be a small wall hanging approximately 20″ x 22″.

It looks like I have enough projects to keep me busy for a while.