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Green Strata Experiment

Green Strata is finished – binding and all. Due to the waviness, it was a bit of a challenge to machine quilt. And yes, I did have to add pleats to get it to lay flat. Unless it is closely inspected, I don’t think that many people will even notice.

An added bonus was using some orphan blocks to extend the width of the backing. Green Strata was machine quilted with a spiderweb panto-graph using green variegated thread.

I have a theory on why my Green Strata had so much waviness. The quilt top was pieced on my Juki with the walking foot attached instead of a regular 1/4″ quilting foot. I think that the walking foot may have contributed to the waviness issue. Hmm it seems like a purple strata experiment may be in my future.

The way the strips wobble up & down and around the quilt appeals to me – maybe it is my inner child drawing outside the lines. My perfectionist adult likes the fact that the quilt is flat and square, so both parts of me are happy with Green Strata.

Wishing everyone good health and some quilting time,


Hazel & Mindless Sewing

Hazel is completed – binding, sleeve & label. In fact I was a bit behind on attaching labels, but now I am all caught up. There is only one more birthday gift quilt for this year, however that one needs to be finished by December, so I have some time. Without deadlines, I can pursue whatever quilting projects captures my attention.

I have been in a mindless sewing mood for a couple of weeks, so when I saw the Strata Squared quilt tutorial on the My Quilt Infatuation blog (http://www.myquiltinfatuation.com/2020/07/strata-squared.html) I knew it was my next project. I decided to make my Strata quilt green with a three row gray border and much smaller.

My plan was to make the a 38″ square, add three rows top and bottom and then three rounds of gray. Just pushing fabric through the machine was exactly what I wanted and it was fun to watch the square grow. At first I thought that I was going to have leftover green scraps, but as the square got larger and the pile diminished faster, I wondered if I would need to cut more green strips.

And that is exactly what happened – more 1 1/2″ strips were cut and sewn together to complete the green rectangle.

My best guess from counting the rows is that this quilt top is 44″ x 50″. As you can see the quilt top is wavy and Kelly talks about that in her tutorial. My plan is to put it on the quilting frame next weekend, contain the wavy borders and get it quilted next weekend. Wish me luck!

The process of machine quilting will determine if I will make another Strata quilt, although I did enjoy the sewing process. My next two piecing projects also involve mostly mindless sewing, but once they are completed I hope to ready for more of a challenge. Everything in its time.

Have a good week,