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Aug 03 2016

Garden Party Finish

Garden Party quilt top is complete!

080316  (885x1024)

The finished size is 72″ x 86 1/2″ and I am very pleased with the results.

080316A (683x1024)

The white in all the pictures looks like a solid white instead of the white with black flecks that it really is.  It makes me think of vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans.  This is also my favorite block with the blue car fabric.  My Dad sold used cars during his retirement and I am sure that my Mom bought this fabric to make him a shirt.  There are only a few scraps left from this yardage, but I think of Mom & Dad every time is see it.

I was planning on doing another Lincoln block as my next project, but I haven’t quite decided on what color it will be.  Any suggestions?


Aug 01 2016

Design Wall Monday 08-01-16

Today is actually a design floor instead of a design wall.

080116   (1024x683)

My plan bit the dust and I didn’t get the top completed on Sunday like I had planned.  However I did get the center together and one inner border on.  I trimmed one side then added the inner border and repeat three times.

080116A  (683x1024)

Hopefully the quilt top will be finished tomorrow.  I know that I have said this before, but I am always amazed how long it takes to sew on borders.

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Jul 25 2016

Design Wall Monday 07-25-16

I have a plan to finish Garden Party by the end of the month.  Last Saturday through Wednesday I would piece 15 blocks/triangles a day, Thursday & Friday sew all the blocks together, and Saturday & Sunday put the borders on.  Nice, simple plan – now to see if I can do it.

There are 27 triangles and 3 green blocks left to make, so this part is on track.  However I will have a granddaughter staying Tuesday night and going back home on Wednesday.  This could be a bit tricky, but we will see how it goes.  Anyway here is Garden Party – I like how this is looking.

072516  (884x1024)

As you can see it is already longer than my design wall.  I think that I have found the fabric for the inner and outer border, but that decision will be made once the center is all together.

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Jul 19 2016

Garden Party Update

I have been making good progress on my Garden Party.

071916  (985x1024)

Almost half of the blue blocks are finished and yes – those are setting triangles marking the right side of the quilt.  Once I finish the round of blue blocks, there will be a row of green block top & bottom.

I am following Julie’s tutorial for piecing the quilt top together in sections.  The middle section of 49 blocks is already sewn together and now I am working on the upper left hand corner.  I think that this is going to be a great way to piece a diagonal setting without worrying about all those long center rows.  Thanks for the tip, Julie!


Jul 11 2016

Design Wall Monday 07-11-16

071116 (980x1024)

Most of last week was spent machine quilting Easy Street, so little progress was made on Garden Party.  I would really like to have this top finished by the end of the month, so I had better get busy.  There are 57 blocks on the design wall which means the center is 1/4 done.

I find it very interesting how the look of the quilt changes with each added color round.

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Jul 04 2016

Design Wall Monday 07-04-16

Happy 4th of July,

The Garden Party blocks are on my main design wall.  The purple blocks are completed and I have just started the blue blocks.

070416   (907x1024)

The color of the cross in the middle of the block is how I designate each round.  So there will be 24 purple blocks, 32 blue blocks and 16 green blocks (top & bottom row of 8 each) to complete the top.  I have been making the alternate blocks as leader/enders.

I really like the look of blocks in a diagonal setting, but I really don’t like sewing those long diagonal rows together.  I am sewing center blocks together so that it won’t be such a big chore at the end.

This project is on one of my smaller design walls:

070416A   (1011x1024)

The center is a pre-printed mini wholecloth panel that I bought to practice trapunto.

070416B  (1024x980)

The quarter log cabin blocks were an earlier leader/ender project and will make a great border for the panel.

My largest design wall has the Lincoln quilt on it.

062216  (1024x713)The color of the month from soscrappy is hot pink with green accent.  Since I already have both a green & pink block, I am going skip this month and wait for August.  There are so many projects around my quilting room – and I don’t want any of them to end up as UFOs – that I need to wrangle them under control.

Besides the Garden Party alternate blocks and quarter log cabin blocks as leader/enders, I also have a pile of triangles from Oriental Twinkle Star that are being pieced into broken dishes blocks and the paper pieced bear claw blocks sitting around.

Also I started machine quilting Easy Street on Saturday with Baptist Fans.  Hopefully the top will be finished by the middle of the week.  It is a large twin at 75″ x 96″ and the quilting is going well, but slow.  I use two bobbins a day and then quit machine quilting to work on other quilty stuff.

Well, that is all the chaos and confusion in my sewing room.  To check out all sorts of inspiration, stop by Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Jun 27 2016

Design Wall Monday 06-27-16

As a reward for getting the Lincoln blocks completed, I started a new quilt project last Thursday.  It is Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Garden Party that was in the May/June 15 issue of Quiltmaker magazine – with a few changes.  I like rectangle quilts, so the first thing that I did was add one row and remove one column of blocks.  Also I wanted to make a rainbow quilt, so I spent some time with graph paper & crayons to make myself a map.

062716  (865x1024)

These blocks are fun to sew and I am enjoying how bright & colorful it is looking.

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