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Easy Street Finished

I was inspired by the Jo’s (at Jo’s Country Junction) UFO Challenge to machine quilt & bind my Easy Street quilt top.  The challenge is to finish UFOs made from Bonnie Hunter’s patterns before her next book comes out in September.

071316  (813x1024)

The original mystery made a queen sized quilt, but I made mine a large twin at 75″ x 96″ even though I had sewn all the parts to make the queen.  The plan is to use the leftover pieces to make some pillowcases, but I am not sure when that project will land on my list.

I used a medium gray thread for the center and machine quilted free form Baptist Fans.

071316B   (683x1024)

On the border I used a green thread and machine quilted a braided border design that I learned in one of my classes in Salt Lake City.

071316A  (683x1024)

I am very happy with the machine quilting on this quilt.  My plan was to quilt two bobbins a day, relaxing and just enjoying the whole experience instead of a mad dash to have it finished and I think that the plan worked.

Now it is back to piecing on Garden Party which is also a Bonnie Hunter design.  I hope to have this top finished by the end of the month, but this is new project not an UFO.

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Easy Street

Yeah – Easy Street is now a completed top.  It took less than two weeks of slow and steady sewing to get it finished.  Why did it sit in a box for 14 months then?

022314    (910x1024)My design wall is 70″ x 70″ and the top is 75″ x 96″, so it overflows on to the floor.  I have a pile of leftover units since my Easy Street is twin instead of queen size, but I am sure that they will find a home in a future quilt.

The next item on the agenda is machine quilting.  I usually machine quilt between 2 – 5 tops before the urge to piece overwhelms me.  This time I have three quilt tops that are demanding to be finished quilts – one of which is Easy Street.  But first I will finish quilting the Split 9-Patch.

This pile of fabric is waiting for me when the machine quilting is done.

022314A   (1024x768)This pile is from a class that I took at the Denver Quilt Show several years ago from Pepper Cory.  I hope to get it up on my design wall today.

Happy Quilting,


Thoughts on UFOs

I have been machine quilting on the Split-9 Patch quilt.  The quilting was started late last year, but it had to be put aside to make a quilt for a Christmas gift. 021514    (1024x761)I am practicing feathers in the light portions and let me just say that I need more practice.  The feather look pretty good – from 5 feet away.

While I am quilting, I have been thinking about UFOs.  Recently there have been quite a few blog posts regarding UFOs with a lot of good ideas for getting control of unfinished projects.

A year ago I decided on these rules.

1) A quilt top is not a UFO.  However, a quilt sandwich is.

2) Any quilt project started has to be completed – either as a top or a finished bound quilt.

3) UFOs make good leader/ender projects.

4) Try to alternate a new project with an older one.

My goal is to slowly finish my UFOs without adding any new ones.  So following these rules and since I had just completed a new project, UFO Easy Street is on the design wall.

021514B  (1024x775)I think this quilt became a UFO because of the size and the length of time it took to sew one block.  So I decided to make this quilt twin-sized so the layout will be 3 x 4 instead of 4 x 4.  There will be leftover units, but that is okay.

I have been sewing sub-units together and then putting the block together as a 9 patch.  My progress seems much faster doing it this way.

When this top is all together, I plan on quilting three tops – Easy Street, Card Tricks Revolt and Bermuda Sunrise.  That should keep me busy for a while.

Happy Quilting!


Slowly Making Progress

This last week has been crazy busy, so not a lot of sewing occurred.  I have finished three of the purple/grey blocks and am looking forward to play time when all four are completed.

011213    (405x1024)However I decided that a doll quilt out of these four blocks will be too big.  Each block is 9″ finished, so the center will be 18″ square plus the border.  There is a hanger for small wallhangings in my sewing room, so I will complete this for me.  Tomorrow’s project is to make a doll quilt that is about 15″ x 18″.

The Wavelet is looking good.  All the strips have been cut and laid out.011213A  (726x1024)I don’t care for the curved top and bottom edge of the original pattern, so I am going to do the variation with straight edges.  I really like how this is coming along.

Last, but not least, here are two more blocks for Easy Street.

011213B  (566x1024)This project is NOT going into my UFO pile, but I will be working on other projects while continuing on this one.

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Easy Street plus two new projects

The progress on Easy Street is like a turtle – slow and steady.

010613  (1024x791) I am considering using the grey for the inner border and green for the outer border, but will wait until the center is completed for the final decision.

I am also trying clean my sewing room and put away the purple, turquoise and green fabric from this quilt.  However, I am so easily distracted.

While putting away the purple, I started cutting out turquoise triangles from the 2″ strips to make this block.

010613A   (1024x923)The block is called Diamond Ripples from the Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers.  Since the first time I saw this block, I was curious about the design that four blocks would make.  It will be fun to play with different layouts.  This project is going to be a doll quilt for a soon-to-be second birthday.

I really need to be careful looking through my quilt books and magazines.  I see a quilt pattern, think “I have the perfect fabric to make that”, and then new project is started.  This third quilt project came about in exactly that way.

010613B  (1024x768)

This pattern is called the Wavelet from Jane Miller’s book French Braid Transformation.  I decided to make this quilt with the leftover purple and turquoise fabric from Easy Street along with some red from my stash.  And yes – that is the same background fabric in both the doll quilt and the Wavelet.

Since the doll quilt has a deadline, that will be the first finish for 2013.

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Clue 5 and String Blocks

Bonnie said that the clues would be easy during the holidays and she delivered.  I had time on Friday morning to cut out the turquoise squares, so I finished the blocks Friday evening – a record for me.

My box of Easy Street parts is getting full!

Saturday and Sunday was spent making 24 string blocks.  String blocks are a bit messy, but very satisfying to use up all those little bits.

Where are all those string blocks going?  They are being sewn into my version of Daylilies from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.

My version uses 12″ dresden plate blocks (gifted to me) instead of 14″ daylilies –

but I think it has the same “feel”.  I hope to have these blocks sewn together today, then it will be on to the borders.

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Happy Holidays,


Easy Street Progress

Clue 2 – Done!

Clue 3 – Done!

Clue 4 – Almost Done!

Here is the container holding all my pieces for Easy Street.

To complete clue 4, all I need to sew is two flying geese together – which will be done by Friday.

You may notice that there are no green squares.  I am considering using one fabric for all of the green, but I need to see a few more clues before I make a final decision.

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Progress on Easy Street

Continuing down Easy Street –

Here are the 192 4-patches, the 64 2″ x 3.5″ rectangles and a few flying geese along with the makings for rest of the geese.  Most of the purple fabric was leftover from my Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll quilt, so it is fun to sew it into this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt as well.

Clue two was started on Monday because this is what I was doing over the weekend.

I really didn’t expect to get the quilting finished in two days, but I did.  Once the threads are buried and the binding attached, I will post pictures of the quilt and the quilting designs that I used.

The goal is to finish three quilt tops in December while I am working on Easy Street.  It may be a bit ambitious, but why not plan big?


On Easy Street

Bonnie Hunter’s 2012 mystery quilt “Easy Street” has begun.  I am a little behind since I was out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend, but Bonnie has promised that the easy is in Easy Street for a reason.

Right now I have 100 of the 4 patches, but on Friday I will start on the next clue.  Which color do you think she will be working with next – turquoise, purple or green?