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Design Wall Monday 07-04-16

Happy 4th of July,

The Garden Party blocks are on my main design wall.  The purple blocks are completed and I have just started the blue blocks.

070416   (907x1024)

The color of the cross in the middle of the block is how I designate each round.  So there will be 24 purple blocks, 32 blue blocks and 16 green blocks (top & bottom row of 8 each) to complete the top.  I have been making the alternate blocks as leader/enders.

I really like the look of blocks in a diagonal setting, but I really don’t like sewing those long diagonal rows together.  I am sewing center blocks together so that it won’t be such a big chore at the end.

This project is on one of my smaller design walls:

070416A   (1011x1024)

The center is a pre-printed mini wholecloth panel that I bought to practice trapunto.

070416B  (1024x980)

The quarter log cabin blocks were an earlier leader/ender project and will make a great border for the panel.

My largest design wall has the Lincoln quilt on it.

062216  (1024x713)The color of the month from soscrappy is hot pink with green accent.  Since I already have both a green & pink block, I am going skip this month and wait for August.  There are so many projects around my quilting room – and I don’t want any of them to end up as UFOs – that I need to wrangle them under control.

Besides the Garden Party alternate blocks and quarter log cabin blocks as leader/enders, I also have a pile of triangles from Oriental Twinkle Star that are being pieced into broken dishes blocks and the paper pieced bear claw blocks sitting around.

Also I started machine quilting Easy Street on Saturday with Baptist Fans.  Hopefully the top will be finished by the middle of the week.  It is a large twin at 75″ x 96″ and the quilting is going well, but slow.  I use two bobbins a day and then quit machine quilting to work on other quilty stuff.

Well, that is all the chaos and confusion in my sewing room.  To check out all sorts of inspiration, stop by Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Design Wall Monday 01-25-16

Last week was crazy fun, but I did find some time to finish the Urban Cabin quilt top which has been renamed J7 by my brother.

012516   (757x1024)

This is a very easy pattern and even though it started out as a leader/ender project I wanted to see how it would look with the color changes that I made.  Here is a picture of the pattern for comparison.

012516A (687x1024)

I had my first hand quilting class last week and let’s just say I was all thumbs.  I am not used to holding and controlling the needle in the way you need to for hand quilting, but I am going to keep working on it.  The little Dresden sampler may be the only piece that I ever hand quilt, but I promise to give it an honest try.

Right now I am trying to decide if I want to piece another top from a kit or work on machine quilting the Dancing 4-Patches quilt top or assemble the flag blocks into a top.

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Design Wall Monday 01-04-16

This is the first Design Wall Monday of 2016, but before I start on that I want to do a quick recap of last year.  I only had a few 2015 quilting goals.

  1.  Use more than 125 yards of fabric – The total was 116.25 yards used in 23 quilt tops.  It is my highest used since I started tracking, but I did fall short of my goal.
  2.   Machine quilt 16 tops – I finished 22 quilts, so this one exceeded expectations.
  3.   No UFOs – My definition of UFO is a project started, boxed up and packed away.  The blocks for three projects that are pinned to my design wall do not count since they weren’t packed away.  All three of these quilts are on my list for 2016.
  4.   Track fabric purchases – I threw this goal out the window the first quarter of 2015.  I discovered that I really don’t care and it diminishes the pleasure of buying new fabric.

I am going a different route for my quilting goals this year – a list of quilts to make, UFOs to finish and techniques to try.  It is an ambitious list of 35 items – I don’t expect to get them all done, but the list helps me focus and keep organized.  Besides it is so much fun to cross an item off of the list.

So after all of that, here is my current leader & ender project on my design wall.

010416   (984x1024)

This quilt doesn’t have a name – maybe Dancing 4 Patches – or a pattern because I made it up as I went along.  Each block contains a combination of 4 patches (3 1/2″), bulls-eye patches and 3 1/2″ squares.

010416A (1024x944)   My current hand work project is finishing up this wool applique UFO.

010416B  (730x1024)

As you may suspect, my wall hanging is a bit different from the pattern.

010416C   (876x1024)

I found a different saying for the bottom border and a wonderful daughter stitched it for me on her embroidery machine.  I also decided to put some smaller wool applique flowers around the border although the stems and leaves will be embroidered on by hand.  This project became a UFO until I could make a decision about the borders.  Most of my UFO projects are waiting on a decision or two, so I need to get busy and finish them up.

The new technique for 2016 is learning to hand quilt, so I need to make a small sampler quilt for practice.

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Design Wall Monday 11-30-15

Thanksgiving weekend was quiet, but I made some progress on Bluegrass Frogs.

113015   (966x1024)The pattern called for black as the frame for the focus fabric, but I used a variety of bright colors.  Also the sashing called for a random assortment of colors, but instead I wanted a black & white checkerboard.  However once I started sewing the sashing I realized that there would be places where two black or two white squares touched.  My solution was to use a bright color in those positions.  I like how bright & cheerful it makes the whole quilt appear.

I also found some time to work on the wool applique for Star of Yesterday.

113015A  (1024x683)

All the vines and flowers are appliqued on the top, so all that is left are the leaves.  The plan is to have this top finished by the end of December.  This is another pattern to which I made several color changes.  What fun it is to make a quilt your own!

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Design Wall Monday 11-23-15

Boy, this last week has been crazy!  The painters came last Thursday to paint the basement/sewing area, so everything needed to be moved.  Now the walls are a nice neutral gray instead of an ugly green, but I needed to wait two days for the paint to cure before I could return everything to its rightful place.  So yesterday and today have been busy putting fabric, bins and thread away.

However I did manage to complete a couple of small projects.  First the Mini-Lotus (20 1/4″ x 20 3/4″) is finished.

112315  (1024x1007)I really like the light rings of triangles & diamonds that run through the quilt.  This one is a Christmas gift, but I plan to make another one for me.  The colorway will be gray background fabrics with red triangles & diamonds.

The second project was two tumbler pillowcases to go with the Tumbler quilt.

112315A(973x1024)Originally I wanted the main part of the pillowcases to be the light background fabric with two rows of dark tumbler blocks.  But after finishing the Tumbler quilt there was only 9″ of the background fabric remaining, so I decided to reverse the color selection.  Now that I see them on the bed, I think that this turned out for the best – the black fabric contrasts nicely against the Tumblers.

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Design Wall Monday 11-16-15

Even with the pre-holiday madness and babysitting grandchildren, I manage to find some time to finish Mini-Lotus.  This little quilt is going to be a doll quilt for my youngest granddaughter – Presley.

111615  (780x1024)With some careful pinning, Mini-Lotus was an easy quilt to sew.  However I did have some issues with the directions.  Oh wait – that isn’t the first time that you have heard me say that this year!  Even though I don’t particularly like patterns that call for trimming excess blocks to square a side, I will do it on this top once it is quilted.

The biggest issue was that the directions said to cut out enough pieces to make 32 blocks, but only use 28 in the top.  Why make more blocks that you need?  So as you can tell from the picture, I used all 32 blocks in my quilt which makes it square instead of rectangle.  It may seem like a small thing, but it is a waste of my time and fabric.

I also found some time to start cutting pieces for Bluegrass Frogs.  The quilt as pictured is long twin – 70″ x 103″ – with 6 blocks and a 10″ border.  I am going to make 4 blocks and decide on the border later, so I am not sure how large it will be.

111615B (793x1024)I have been collecting bug fabric with a green background for this quilt.

111615A  (843x1024)Right now it is time to machine quilt Mini-Lotus – Christmas is right around the corner.

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Design Wall Monday 10-19-15

Well, technically this isn’t about my design wall but rather the machine quilting on my Tumbler quilt.

101915 (1024x683)I am using King Tut’s Joseph’s Coat for the top thread and a medium blue – just put in my 5th bobbin –  for the bottom.  The straight stitching can get a bit boring, so I sew 3 or 4 rows then take a break.  I am already over half done, so the plan is to have the quilt ready for binding by Friday.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on my giant tumbler backing.  I plan to move more of my ideas from my head or scraps of paper into actual quilts – in fact there is a sunflower quilt idea that is on my 2016 list.

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Design Wall Monday 09-07-15

Happy Labor Day

The center block on the Rangeley Wall Quilt has been completed and now I am sewing the stars for the border.

090715 (695x1024)The focus fabric is from the Serengheti Collection by Peter Pan, so I am naming the quilt Serengheti.  This fabric has been in my stash for 10 – 15 years, but now it is time for it to shine.  The colors in this quilt make me smile.

The pattern recommended the Tucker Trimmer tool which I was delighted to find in my pile of rulers.  I suspect that I purchased the ruler at the same time as the pattern.

090715A (995x1024)You can make the star blocks without this ruler, however it is a great ruler for lining up and squaring down quarter square triangles.  As you can see this ruler has diagonal lines both directions for accuracy.

090715B (1024x683)I will be using the Tucker Trimmer in future projects.

There has been one grump in my day so far – I ran out of black thread and had to make a mad dash to Jo-Ann’s so that I can continue sewing stars.  How did that happen?  I was sure that I had an extra cone of black thread, but no I didn’t.  Oh, well!

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Design Wall Monday 08-17-15

Yesterday I was working on the wool flower appliques for Star of Yesterday.  I really like how it is coming together and am very pleased with my decision to have the background all one color.

081715  (956x1024)The Pretty in Everything BUT Pink top is being machine quilted with monofilament thread and a meander.

081715A (1024x797)Between these two projects and getting my cutting table cleaned up, I have plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble – maybe.

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Design Wall Monday 08-03-15

On Saturday I started piecing on the first of the star quilts – Pretty in Pink – although I need a new name for my quilt since there is not a single piece of pink in it.  Maybe Pretty Bright or Pretty Scrappy.

080315 (821x1024)This is the first pattern I have made from Marci Baker’s book Oh My Stars and I do have to say that I am not impressed.  The instructions call for sewing strip sets and then cutting units on a 60 degree angle.  I prefer methods that are a more efficient use of the fabric instead of these huge chunks leftover at the beginning and end of the strip set.  Although I just realized that I could have off set the strips so that there wasn’t as much waste.

Also to be fair, these stars are large – the diamonds are 4″ per side.  A quilt with smaller stars would probably not have had so much left over in the strip.

What I did do however was measure the size of the triangles & diamonds, then cut them out individually.  This method did allow me to have a wider variety of fabric colors in the quilt.

The quilt is sewn into columns, then the columns sewn together.  I have 7 of the 13 columns together, so I am half way done.  The top and bottom of the quilt will be cut off to make it a rectangle.

I am very pleased with the background gray fabric that I found for the background.  This is going to make a great baby quilt.

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