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Feb 09 2020

A Table Runner and a Quilt Top

The Rocky Mtn Bear Claw table runner is officially finished. The original plan was to machine quilt this table runner on Super Bowl Sunday, however things went awry. To be honest, the spacing of the panto-graph went awry which then involved unstitching 1 1/2 rows.

I believe that the laser light was bumped which caused the issue of the gap between rows. Thank goodness for zippered leaders which assisted with the removing and reattaching of the quilt sandwich. I was concerned that it would be difficult to realign the panto-graph once the quilt was reloaded on the frame, however that did not turn out to be the case.

Although a lot of machine quilting has been happening, there has been some time spent on piecing. The outer borders were sewn on a quilt top yesterday morning. The pattern is Once Upon A Dream by Patricia Pepe in her book Once Upon A Time in X-Blocks Land. There is something so dramatic about a red, white and black quilt.

To help me name my quilts, I googled a list of ghost towns in Colorado and picked the name Coalmont for this quilt. I had several pictures showing the progress, however they are lost somewhere in time and space.

There have also been two other quilt finishes this year, but their pictures have ridden off into the sunset along with the progress pictures from above. The good news is that I still have both quilts, so new pictures will be forthcoming. What would life be without a few challenges?