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Apr 16 2016

A Finished Quilt

The hand stitching of the binding & sleeve on Bluegrass Frogs is completed.

041516 (931x1024)

It is always a great feeling to have a finished quilt.  This is a good pattern to showcase some fun fabric.

041516A (683x1024)

I used some IKEA fabric for the backing.  The big green bugs are a perfect match for the front.

041516B (908x1024)

There are a couple more IKEA prints in my stash for backings, but I don’t plan on buying any more.  I love the big motifs, but the fabric is woven so tightly that it is hard on my fingers to hand stitch the binding.

The next quilt top to be machined quilt will be Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter.  There are a couple of things in the works, so it will probably be the middle of May before I can start on it.

Happy Quilting,


Dec 28 2015

Design Wall Monday 12-28-15

Actually the design wall is empty at the moment while I finish some projects.  Here is the status on my end-of-year to-do list.

#1 – Santa pillow – Done and Theo approved.


#2 – Hem pants – Done and delivered.

#3 – Star of Yesterday quilt top – Done

121815 (1020x1024)

#4 – Machine quilt Bluegrass Frogs – Started.  I don’t think that this one will get done, but I plan to work on it tomorrow and Wednesday.

#5 – Embroider whiskers on Gus quilt – Done and I love it.

122815A  (807x1024)

#6 – Strip Ribbons – Done.  Dark brown sashing removed and cream sashing inserted which I think looks a lot better.


Considering the holidays, I think that 5 out of 6 projects completed is good.  Recently I came across a quilt that my Mom had pieced and hand quilted.  The only part left to do is the binding, so I am adding that to my list.

122815C  (741x1024)

I believe that Mom’s plan was to add a ruffled bed skirt/border to three sides of the quilt, but I will just bind it with the black calico fabric.

There has also been some organizing of the sewing room.  I have a long list of projects for 2016, so it will be great to start with a clean work area.


Dec 09 2015

Bluegrass Frogs Quilt Top Completed

Yeah! – The Bluegrass Frogs quilt top was finished yesterday at 6pm.  The plan is to make the quilt sandwich on Friday and start machine quilting this weekend.  But what about Wednesday and Thursday?

120915 (933x1024)Well, today was spent visiting with youngest grandson

120915A (576x1024)and tomorrow I will be babysitting my youngest granddaughter (7 months old).  She can’t crawl yet, but she could wiggly around enough to inspect the legs of the coffee table.

120915B (680x1024)So Wednesday and Thursday are no-sew days, but very satisfying to the heart and soul.

I have a piece of black & green fabric with large bugs from IKEA that will be the backing for the Bluegrass Frogs quilt.  It would be great to finish out the year with a couple more completed quilts.


Dec 07 2015

Design Wall Monday 12-7-15

I can’t believe how long it takes to plan and piece each checkerboard sashing, but it is almost finished – just one more side.

120715  (937x1024)The quilt top will be finished with a 1 1/2″ black inner border and a 3 1/2″ green border.  I think that I will go ahead and machine quilt the top once it is completed.

Well the border won’t sew itself, so I had better get back to it.  Check out all the other projects at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Dec 04 2015

Bluegrass Frogs Update

Thanks for all the nice comments on the black & white checkerboard border/sashing.  I am very pleased with it.  Sometimes the ideas in my head do not translate well to fabric, but in this instance it exceeded my expectations.  120415  (903x1024)All four blocks are now complete, so the next step is the sashing between the blocks and then the checkerboard border.  It is a slow process to make sure that pieces are in the proper position, but I am making progress.

I would like to have the top finished on Sunday, but I don’t think that will happen – maybe on Monday or Tuesday.  It always takes longer than I think to sew all those black & white 4-patches.