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Mini-Metro and Ballerina Girl

It’s official – my brother is in charge of naming my quilts.

I recently finished this quilt top from the pattern Zig Zag Zoom by Mary Ann Altendorf. The name given to this quilt is Mini-Metro because it reminded my brother of a video game. Mini-Metro was made from recycled shirts including some of the pockets & tags.

I can just imagine gifting a small boy this quilt with several Matchbox cars hidden in the pockets. The quilt features “streets” and would provide hours of entertainment with cars zooming around.

The last Christmas gift was completed last weekend – Ballerina Girl pattern by Carrie Payne.

Instead of making a wallhanging, I framed this small quilt (12″ x 12″). Even though I am not entirely confident of this technique, I am happy with the final result. The best part is seeing my granddaughter’s face when she unwraps the package.

Happy Holidays,