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Apr 05 2017

An Apple Core Finish

The last stitch in the binding for the Apple Core quilt was taken today.

The border turned out even better than I thought it would.  It looks like the middle apple cores were appliqued onto a border.

The quilt turned out a bit smaller (43 1/2″ x 53 1/2″) than I thought it would, but that information will help me calculate the size of the next one.  I have now machine quilted 9 of the 25 tops that is my goal for this year.

Time to start on the next Long Time Gone block.


Mar 17 2017

Friday Progress Report

The last border in the Apple Core quilt was attached today.  Right now it measures 47″ x 56″, but it will be smaller once the edges are cut straight.

I think it took two or three times longer to pin the borders than it did to sew them.  This was the best picture I could get of the pinned border.  Doesn’t it look so strange?

While sewing on the Apple Core quilt top I also started a new leader/ender project.  The pattern is the Hemingway Quilt from Timeless Treasures and designed by Osie Lebowitz.  It is not on their website which isn’t a surprise since my printed directions are dated 2014.

The pattern calls for 10 1/2″ fabric squares, but I am using 6 1/2″ squares instead.  I found 30 squares (6 squares of 5 different fabrics) in my stash which will make a fun fast quilt.

Happy St Patrick’s Day


Mar 13 2017

Design Wall Monday 03-13-17

I have started piecing the apple core blocks together into four patches.The curves are shallow and the sewing is slow, but easy.  I tried a couple different methods of sewing the apple cores together and found that pinning works the best for me.  Lots and lots of pins – between 7 -9 pins per curve.  The best part is that this Apple Core quilt was designed with a built in border so once all the pieces are sewn together the top is done.

The binding on Nifty Thrifty is my evening hand sewing project.  The goal is to have this completely finished tomorrow.  With all the recycled shirts and flannel backing, this will be a great masculine quilt for one of my grandsons.

Check out all the other quilt inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


Mar 02 2017

Lincoln Block #9

Yesterday I finished another Lincoln block.

This one goes in the center of the quilt.  I was a bit concerned about my color decision, but after seeing it with all the other blocks I think that it looks great.

I also made and attached the yellow/green setting triangle along with the sashing between the yellow and red blocks.  Only four more blocks to make – YEAH!  The four remaining block colors are dark green, dark orange/rust, gold, and purple.

After consideration I realized why it takes 2 – 4 days to make each Lincoln block.  Sure each block has 337 pieces, but it is mostly because I need to be so focused all the time – from cutting all the different sized pieces to the precision of the seam allowances.   However I have to say that with each new block addition I am more in love with this quilt.

On one of my smaller design walls is all the pieces for an Apple Core quilt. 

This will be the next leader/ender project once Charlotte’s Baskets is completed.  I haven’t decided yet if I will move some of the cores or just sew it together as it is.  That decision will be made when I start the piecing.  When the top is completed and machine quilted, I will trim the edges.

Next up is another small applique wallhanging and the pieced backing for Nifty Thrifty.  Hopefully I will get a quilt sandwich made tomorrow so that I can start the machine quilting this weekend.