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Amaryllis Table Topper

I was hoping to have this table topper completed last weekend, however it was not to be. Amaryllis was my first machine applique project which ended up stuck in a box for years. At first glance everything looks good,

however on closer examination the issue with this quilt top becomes apparent. Being new to quilting and machine appilique, I thought that the edges would fray even with the buttonhole stitch.. Since I had sewn clothing for 25 years before quilting, my solution was to Fray Check the edges – without testing this solution on a scrap first. What was I thinking? – the Fray Check discolored the fabric!

For the longest time I thought I would remake the center, but a couple months ago I came up with a better solution – couching the edges.

The thick green yarn did a good job on the stems, however the purple yarn is too thin to cover the edges well. Plan D – or is it Plan E? – is to do a single crochet chain to see if that will be thick enough to cover the discoloration on the flowers.

Amaryllis is machine quilted with the binding already sewn down, so once the couching is done the table topper will be complete. I didn’t anticipate the amount of fussing around I would need to do to get the yarn couched down, but since I am so close to finish I want to have it look as good as possible.

One thing I do have to admit is from quilt top to finished quilt, this table topper has taught me quite a few new lessons.

Happy quilting and stay healthy,