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Jan 12 2014

Card Tricks Revolt

One of my 2013 end-of-year goals was to make a quilt using the Card Tricks block as a setting.  It didn’t happen in 2013, but I am working on it now and it is going – sideways.

The plan was to make 3 blocks of 4 different colors.  My colors are red, purple, blue and green and I trying to decide on blocks.  The first block I picked was a log cabin variation from Judy Martin’s new book Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.

011214   (1024x770)It is a little hard to see with the white background against the white design wall.  Purple was the second color so I picked out a purple star block.

011214A    (712x1024)I liked the purple star blocks, but I don’t like them with the red blocks.  I think that the reason is that there is so much white background in the red blocks, but very little in the purple blocks.

To test that theory I made three purple log cabin blocks.

011214B   (711x1024)This isn’t the quilt that I was visualizing, but this is the quilt that is demanding to be made.  Luckily purple is the favorite color of a quilt guild member and she gladly, gleefully took the purple star blocks.  I really didn’t want to add a UFO to my list.

Since my blocks were not playing well together, I decided to call this quilt Card Tricks Revolt.

Now I am busy making blue and green log cabin blocks and thinking about borders.


Nov 02 2013

Spikey Progress

All the units have been sewn.  I really like the gray & red spikes.

110213    (997x1024) There was very little fabric waste with this pattern and the blocks can be chain-pieced – which is pros in my book.

The con is the removal of the paper, but there is no other way to get such great looking spikes.  I plan to place black strips between the units, then add a red inner border and a dark gray outer border.

After checking in my pattern drawer, I found four more Judy Niemeyer patterns.  I thought I only had two, so there will be more paper piecing spikes sometime soon.


Sep 10 2013

Weekend Goals Update

I accomplished some of all of my goals, but not all of one of the goals by Sunday night.  It is now Tuesday and the Avignon Picnic quilt top is together.

091013This pattern is Avignon Picnic Quilt from the Moda Bake Shop website and measures 64″ square.  The color combination is a bit different for me, but I like it.

The second goal was binding on my RRCB.  The binding is cut and the quilt top is trimmed, but that is all I accomplished.  I am planning on sewing the binding on tonight.

Taming the scrap bin was the third weekend goal.  The bin isn’t empty, but it is not spilling over the top either so I am calling this goal accomplished.  After all the scrap bin is really more of an on-going project than a one time goal.

It is time to head to the sewing machine and get that binding on.


Sep 07 2013

Weekend Goals

Besides the long list of house cleaning chores and the outdoor fall-cleanup chores, I have three quilty goals for this weekend.

The first goal is a completed Avignon Picnic quilt top.

090713   (1024x710)The blocks are sewn and laid out, so all that needs to be done is to sew them together.   Since this is a borderless quilt, once the blocks are sewn together this goal is complete.

Last week Tuesday I took my Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll to a very talented local longarm quilter and it was ready for pick up on Saturday.

090713A (1024x765)She did a wonderful job with a free-form all-over design of feathers, leaves and flowers.

090713B  (1024x768)

090713C (1024x766)

So the second goal is to get the binding on the front.  I wonder how long it will take me to hand sew the binding on the back?  It would be great to have it done in time for Show and Tell at quilt guild next Saturday.

Goal three is to clear out the scrap bin on my cutting table.

090713D  (960x1024)It is amazing how one day it can be under control and the next day it is spilling over the sides.  It is time to tame this beast.

If I don’t become distracted, I think that all three goals can be achieved by Sunday night.  So, what are your weekend sewing plans?