Challenge Quilt 2012

Yesterday was quilt guild meeting.  I see most of the ladies only once a month and it is fun to catch up on news and sew.  During January’s meeting, one member offered a challenge.  She had plastic baggies filled with 4″ squares of fabric – each square different fabric.  The challenge is to make a completed quilt by June using these squares.  All the quilts will then be donated to local organizations.  How could I resist?

I don’t know exactly how many squares are in the pile, but I can tell you that it is 2 1/2″ tall.  I decided to separate all the squares into color families and make positive/negative shoo fly blocks.  Right now my plan is to have a rainbow effect starting with yellow in the top left corner.  The fabric that doesn’t play well with others will be either used for a border or on the back – we shall see.  That is the plan at the moment, but quilts have a mind of their own and I could end up somewhere totally different.

Keep sewing and remember – the tortoise won the race.


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