Oriental Maze Quilt

I made this quilt last year –

The pattern is Amazing Maze from French Braid Transformation by Jane Hardy Miller.  My original idea was to fussy cut leaves from the border fabric and float them through the quilt top as soft edge applique.  However that plan did not work out.

The leaves in the fabric are small – only a couple of inches wide, so I would need a lot of leaves.  I didn’t have enough fabric, I didn’t want to buy more to cut all of the leaves that would be needed, and cutting the leaves was tedious.

So plan B was formed – fussy cut large blue or red oriental flowers to applique on the quilt.  This plan also was abandoned because the leaves said autumn to me and the flowers said summer.

Plan C – Sew down the sleeve and say the quilt is done.  Some projects are like this – they change and evolve as you progress.  You need to adapt or it is a fight to the finish.


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