How should I quilt this?

This quilt top is all prepped and ready for quilting, but what design should I use?  I know that feathers and flowers will be quilted in the black patches, but the tan background was the problem.  Cross hatching and spider web quilting motifs were considered and rejected.  Nothing really jumped up and said “Quilt me! Quilt me!”.

So with visions of quilting motifs dancing in my head, I started piecing this quilt top.

The pattern is Urban Chic and it is nice mindless sewing.  It kept my hands busy while my brain was trying to make a decision and it worked!  I finished the center of the Urban Chic quilt and settled on a quilting design of loops and flowers for all the tan background and borders.

I hope to have the tan & black quilt finished in the next couple of days, and then it will be time to sew the borders on the Urban Chic quilt top.  This seems to be the way I work – juggling several quilts in various stages of completion at the same time.


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