Jul 02 2012

AWOL Fabric

I came across this pattern from Moda Bake Shop and had the perfect fabric for it.  The plan was to use this alphabet panel for the middle, black with white dots for the sashing and a bunch of bright crayon colors for the outer part of the blocks.

So Saturday morning I woke up ready to find the black sashing material.  After spending over three hours searching through my fabric bins, it is AWOL.  I was so positive that I had seen the fabric just a couple of weeks ago and knew where it was.  Obviously not

While I was considering the fate of my missing fabric, I pulled a quilt top out of the pile to be quilted.  This quilt top was made some time prior to 2007, so it had marinaded long enough.

Simple quilting and some binding transformed this quilt from top to finished.  This quilt measures 40.5″ x 48.5″ and will make a nice donation quilt.

The black with dots still hasn’t revealed itself, so a solid black will take its place.  Of course, once I make the first cut and sew the first seam then the AWOL black will be found.


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