Woven Ribbons

Woven Ribbons quilt top was sitting in a project bin with a note that said “fix this”.  Really??  What the heck does that mean?  Note to self – add more information before packing up a project.

Woven Ribbons was pieced in 2010 from the pattern Sunset by Julie Popa of Sunflower Hills Designs.  The biggest thing I remember was how fustrating the pattern directions were.  Either they were incorrect or I wasn’t understanding correctly, however I know I did have major problems getting the block pieces to fit and the the blocks to match together to form the interlocking design.

My solution to the “fix it” problem was to cut 2″ off the outer border (from 6″ to 4″) and machine quilt it.

Time and distance reveals that this quilt is not the mess expected with a “fix this” note, however the frustrating struggle to piece this top lingers and the quilt was gifted as soon as it was completed.  One project bin empty and a new home for Woven Ribbons.  win-win


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