Whatnots Club and Mexican Star V-2

Mexican Star V-2 wall-hanging is finished.  The top was pieced in 2009, so it only took me 12 years to get it quilted.

I used the circular panto-graph Solar Eclipse from Urban Elementz on this top.

Solar Eclipse - Pantograph

In between quilting rows on Mexican Star, I pieced together the next mini-quilt in the Whatnots Club.  The pattern name is Kick the Can and it is Month 4.   

Kick the Can will be machine quilted as soon as I finish quilting the original version of Mexican Stars.  However at the moment I am fighting with tension issues which sucks away my quilting mojo.  Grr – I will conquer the blasted tension and have some more completed tops soon.

Have a tension-free sew Friday,


2 thoughts on “Whatnots Club and Mexican Star V-2

  1. Libby in TN

    You’re ahead of me — my Mexican Stars, begun about the same time, is still unfinished because I wasn’t happy with the zinger fabric I picked for the center of the stars. Did you quilt over the folded back fabric?

    1. Marlene Post author

      I stitched down the flaps with water soluble thread before quilting it. It didn’t take long and not having to worry about the quilting foot catching on the flaps was a win. Using the bowl-shaped Glide Foot also made it easier. Once the quilt was completed into the washing machine it went to dissolve all the basting stitches. Maybe it is time to pull your Mexican Stars out of the project bin and review it with fresh eyes.


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