Biggy the Bee Completed

Last Sunday I quit sewing with only 6 seams left to do on Biggy the Bee.  The quilt top was finished on Thursday.  Yeah!

I like how bold and graphic this quilt is.  The only thing that I probably should have done differently was to have greater contrast between the grays in the wings.

Biggy is now loaded on the longarm and the plan is to get it quilted this week.

So what have I been working on this weekend?  This year I signed up for the Whatsnot Club from the Fat Quater Shop. 

In and Out is the kit for the third month and my project for this weekend.

Have a good week,


2 thoughts on “Biggy the Bee Completed

  1. Libby in TN

    Biggy is SO cute and would probably have been perfect for my new great-grand, had I known about it. You know how this new generation has very specific ideas about non-gender specific! The Whatnots Club looks like it could be addictive.

    1. Marlene Post author

      Maybe you should make Biggy for your inner child. It would look great hanging in your sewing room.


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