Looking Backward – Looking Forward

2018 wasn’t a particularly productive year for quilts, however that can happen when you are working full-time. I gave myself permission last year to play – to work on a project until something else caught my attention and then move on. The down side to all that play is all the projects that are on my design wall waiting to be finished. So 2019 will be focused on moving some of those from ideas into quilts.

Only 8 spools of thread emptied – this is the lowest number since I started doing an annual photograph. Usually when I am sewing strings or very scrappy quilts is when I go through a bunch of spools.

2018 Statistics 15 Completed Quilt Tops 7 Completed Quilts 64 Yards of Fabric Sewn

These are the lowest numbers since I started tracking – it shouldn’t be hard to beat these numbers in 2019, should it?

I do have a long list of quilts that are either UFO’s or on my To-Do List, but right now I am only going to list the top five goals for 2019.

  1. Amish Wedding Ring in the book “Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns”
  2. Di Ford Mystery Quilt from Quiltmania 2018
  3. Kiss My Stash – birthday quilt kit
  4. Foothills – recycled shirt quilt
  5. Sylvia’s Bridal Party

Happy New Year and May All Your Quilting Wishes Come True.


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