Feb 19 2018

Design Wall Monday 02-19-18

Sunday was a bouncing sort of day – bouncing from one project to another.  I started with Oriental Tiles – the center is now completed, so all that is left is the borders.

Since the setting triangles were cut from a white spiderweb fabric, I thought about going with a Halloween theme.  After placing the fabric on the design wall I realized that it was way too busy, however I think that there is enough to use as the backing.  Then I remembered that I had the reverse print of the white spiderweb fabric which will make a great border.

Once the border decision was made, I bounced over to the Oriental Tile block.  This is the first block –

and this is my test block with 1/4″ narrower sashing.

It is a subtle difference, but the narrower sashing looks so much more in proportion to the block.  Now I needed to see it in the Oriental fabric.

Everything looks good, so  I only have one problem – the black, red, & gold block is so darn cute that I need to do something with it.  Isn’t it crazy how these projects keep multiplying?

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5 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 02-19-18”

  1. Chris says:

    The test one is adorable!! And love the top quilt, the web border is perfect.

    • Marlene says:

      It isn’t often that I use two fabric-same design-reverse colors, but I think that it is going to look great on this top. The plan is to have the borders on sometime this weekend, so we will know for sure how it is going to look.

  2. Robin says:

    The narrower sashing was a good design choice. Sometimes I know something’s not quite right but I can’t figure out what would make it better. You, on the other hand, figured it out right away. Great border fabric.

    • Marlene says:

      Thank. This was a pretty easy fix since I had sized down all the parts of the block except for the sashing. I was hopeful that the original sashing would be okay, but once I saw the finished block I knew that I needed to fix it. Isn’t it amazing what difference 1/4″ makes?

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