Jan 29 2018

Design Wall Monday 01-29-18

This last weekend was busy, but I did find time to squeeze in some sewing.  First up, the Bouillabaisse quilt top is completed.  When there are only 12 blocks and each block measures 20″ square, the center of a quilt top goes together very quickly.

At first I was wondering if the border (cut 6 1/2″) was too wide, but now that the top is finished I think that it looks good.  It finishes at 72″ x 92″ for a nice twin sized quilt.  Maybe now I will work on some smaller projects – like a doll quilt.

I had a visitor and sewing buddy on Saturday – Evelyn, one of my granddaughters.  She wanted to sew a doll quilt, but was a bit surprised at all the math involved.  After deciding on a finished size (18″ x 24″) and the size of the squares (3″ finished), we worked the math to figure out how many squares in a row, how many rows to make, and how many total squares needed for the quilt top.  I had her work with paper and crayons on color placement & design for her quilt, then Evelyn picked the fabric from my 3 1/2″ strip bin for the squares.  She did all the sewing for the doll quilt top, while I rotary cut the fabric, then machine quilted & bound the project.  We were determined that she would have a finished quilt to take home with her and it happened.

Doesn’t she look like she is already planning her next quilting project?

Now it is time for me to start planning my next project.  Hmmm

Maybe it will help me decide if I check out the quilting inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


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  1. Libby in TN says:

    What a cute project and a sweet sewing buddy! You were smart to work the math with her help; shows math class is relevant.

  2. Vicky says:

    Your Bouillabaisse quilt turned out beautifully! I’m in the process of quilting mine, but I encountered a technical issue while cutting the triangles. My secondary set (with black strips) was too short, so I had to add a lengthening strip to make them big/wide enough. Did you cut your black strips at a larger width? My 3-set strips were the perfect size, so I didn’t think I’d have an issue with the black strip sizes. The pattern suggests cutting the black strips larger–which I didn’t do, but next time I make one–which I’d like to do, I want to make sure my strip set is large enough. Thanks for your advice.

    • Marlene says:

      I did not cut my strips at the wider width, but I did sew with a scant 1/4″ seam. Some strips were still a bit short, but others came out correctly. So some of the seams sewing the triangles to the blocks and then the blocks to the blocks were a bit smaller than 1/4″, but it all came together okay. Well okay with some spray starch and pressing – what else can you do with all those seams? I don’t plan on making another Bouillabaisse, but if I was I think that I would play around with the cutting width of the strips and make them 1/8″ or so wider. The biggest reason I didn’t cut the black accent wider is because I wanted the inside strip to be large enough to be seen as a design element. Good Luck with your Bouillabaisse.

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