Aug 07 2017

Design Wall Monday 08-07-17

The Honey Bee quilt top was finished yesterday.  I like the extra space the alternate block gives to the quilt top, but haven’t decided yet if I like the asymmetrical look that comes from the even number of rows.  When it is time to machine quilt the top, I may remove the bottom row and use it as part of the backing.  But for now this is what it is.

Now that all the machine applique is completed, I can set up the Bernina to get busy on the Lincoln quilt.  The goal is to get the top finished this year – I think I can do it if I don’t see too many squirrels.

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6 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 08-07-17”

  1. Libby in TN says:

    I’m with you on all points. Especially the alternate blocks.

    • Marlene says:

      Have you seen the book Hidden Block Quilts by Leriene Nevaril? She talks about removing elements from a block to make the alternate block. I think that it is a very effective way to open up space on a quilt while keeping everything connected.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Such a beautiful Honey Bee quilt you should be very proud of this one!

  3. Teri Fritch says:

    Beautiful quilt! I would have to add one more row to make it symmetrical.

    • Marlene says:

      Unfortunately that is not an option because I used all the fabric available to make the 30 9-patches. The only way to make it symmetrical would be to remove the bottom row which I am leaning towards at this time. Thank you for stopping by.

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