Dec 15 2016

Progress Report

I have made my list and checked it twice – of the projects I want done by the end of the year.

First up is the machine quilting and binding of Four Patchwork.


Charity quilts are a great place to practice, so I am quilting this top with a clamshell template.  I don’t have a lot of experience with using tools for machine quilting, but I can already see some improvement.  With only 1/3 of the top left to quilt, I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

There has also been progress on the Rocky Mountain Bear Claws.


With only two blocks left to sew, the top should come together fairly quickly.  Now that I understand the process of flat blocks, I am happier with these blocks.  Now I am reminded how much I like this design.

Number three on my list is to finish the Winter Diamonds wall hanging and number four is a green Lincoln block.  It would be great to start 2017 with only the Lincoln quilt as a project in process.


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