Oct 31 2016

Design Wall Monday 10-31-16

I spent the first part of last week organizing and cleaning my cutting table.  On Friday I started on a red Lincoln block and got all the checkerboard parts finished.


Saturday morning I sewed the corner star units and by dinner time I had a completed Lincoln block.


It usually takes me 3 or 4 days to make one block, so this is a new record for me.  I now have 8 completed Lincoln blocks with 5 more to make.  The plan is to make two more this year – a dark green and a gray/black – and then finish the quilt top by May 2017.

Oh, you wanted proof that my cutting table was clean?  Here it is –


I won’t talk about the Handiquilter table however.  As you can see the next project is a One Block Wonder using some Laurel Burch horse fabric.  This is another quilt that has been on my list for years and now it is time.  It is easy cutting & sewing and so fun to see the blocks come together – each one is a new surprise.  There should be enough of them to show in a couple of days.

In the mean time check out all the other quilt inspiration at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.

Happy Halloween


2 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 10-31-16”

  1. Libby in TN says:

    Ooh, I know your Laurel Burch OBW will be wonderful. They are so addictive!

    • Marlene says:

      I have made several Stack-n-Whacks quilts, but this will be my first OBW. You are right – they are addictive and I am not even finished with my first.

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