Jun 27 2016

Design Wall Monday 06-27-16

As a reward for getting the Lincoln blocks completed, I started a new quilt project last Thursday.  It is Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Garden Party that was in the May/June 15 issue of Quiltmaker magazine – with a few changes.  I like rectangle quilts, so the first thing that I did was add one row and remove one column of blocks.  Also I wanted to make a rainbow quilt, so I spent some time with graph paper & crayons to make myself a map.

062716  (865x1024)

These blocks are fun to sew and I am enjoying how bright & colorful it is looking.

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2 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 06-27-16”

  1. Nancy says:

    Your blocks are beautiful. I love the red/orange/yellow range of fabrics you’re using.

    • Marlene says:

      Thank you. My plan is to have the inner color become the outer color in the next round. So the first block is yellow inside – orange outside and the next round is orange inside – red outside, then red inside – purple outside. The next round will be purple inside – blue outside followed by blue inside – green outside. The top will finish up with one row top and bottom of green inside – yellow outside. I am having so much fun piecing this quilt.

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