May 28 2016

Oriental Twinkle Star

Thursday and Friday were the only two sewing days I had last week which makes it hard to finish the goals for May.  The Oriental Twinkle Star quilt top will be finished first, then if I have time I will work on Meteor Shower.  Regardless of progress or lack of progress, Tuesday is the day I will start on two Lincoln blocks – green for May and whatever color is for June.  It is so hard for me to push a project aside, do one block then go back to the first project.  Each Lincoln block is like a mini-quilt, so I plan them in between finishing other projects.

Here is a picture of my design wall from Monday showing the state of Oriental Twinkle Star.  And yes – on top are the four blocks from the Happy Halloween quilt!

052816 (828x1024)One of the reasons that the Twinkle Star blocks have been sitting on my design wall for months is because I have a like-hate relationship with them.  When I first started the blocks I liked them and later it was “what was I thinking?” and then back to “this is looking better”.  There is a lot of piecing for the sashing and borders, but I am determined to get it finished.

After working steadily Thursday and Friday, the top center is together along with top & bottom inner borders.

052816A (846x1024)

 There are several things I like about this quilt.  I like the star blocks, the stars in the sashing, the stripe sashing fabric and the sharp contrast of blue/black and white.  The part I am still undecided about is the background fabric – is it too busy or interesting?  Well, one way or another this will be a completed block today.

Happy Memorial Weekend,


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