Feb 03 2016

Around the World with Dancing 4 Patches

Even though this last week has been some frustrating, it has also been productive.  The Around the World quilt top is finished.  The actual sewing was easy, but making sure that all the pieces are in the correct place was a bit taxing.  This is what my design wall looked like on Friday.  020116  (1024x785)But after making the two side borders, I discovered that they were too short.  At first I thought that I could just add a small strip of fabric to the top and bottom, but that didn’t work because the top & bottom borders would not line up.  So Plan B was to trim 1/2″ off all four sides of the inner border.

020316   (1024x820)

By Sunday evening the pieced border was on and looking good – even though one border had to be removed because it was upside down.  I was going crazy making sure that all the fussy cut compass blocks had north pointing up.

Monday I added the last two outer borders and now Around the World quilt top is completed.

020316A  (1024x888)

The next project on my list was to get the Dancing 4 Patches quilted.

020316B  (1024x683)

I should have the quilting finished and the binding on by tomorrow.


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