Challenge Quilt 2012 – Progress Update

Here is the finished quilt top for the Challenge Quilt 2012.

My best estimate is that there were 200 fabric squares in the baggy.  The quilt top measures 59 1/2″ square with approximately 180 squares.  The remaining 20 were pieced into the backing.

Here is a close-up so that you can see some of the variety of fabrics with which I had to work.Four or five years ago our quilt guild had an ugly fabric quilt challenge.  I participated but – to be honest – I didn’t give it my best effort.  I think that this quilt is an attempt to compensate for the lack luster quality of the earlier challenge quilt.  This is a quilt that I will be proud to show the guild members during our April meeting.

I will be starting the machine quilting this afternoon.  After much consideration I have decided to stitch in the ditch with monifiliment thread to emphasize the sho-fly blocks.  There will be one final picture of the finished quilt next weekend.


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