Oct 19 2015

Design Wall Monday 10-19-15

Well, technically this isn’t about my design wall but rather the machine quilting on my Tumbler quilt.

101915 (1024x683)I am using King Tut’s Joseph’s Coat for the top thread and a medium blue – just put in my 5th bobbin –  for the bottom.  The straight stitching can get a bit boring, so I sew 3 or 4 rows then take a break.  I am already over half done, so the plan is to have the quilt ready for binding by Friday.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on my giant tumbler backing.  I plan to move more of my ideas from my head or scraps of paper into actual quilts – in fact there is a sunflower quilt idea that is on my 2016 list.

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  1. Libby in TN says:

    I admire your tenacity!

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