Aug 15 2015

Stars and More Stars

The first star quilt top is finished and has a name.  The name of the pattern is Pretty in Pink, so I named mine Pretty in Everything BUT Pink.  This is going to be a great baby quilt.

081515 (804x1024)The finished size is 46″ x 62″ which I found strange since the directions said that the top would measure 46″ x 54″.  That is when I discovered that I had added an extra half star to each column.  Oh well, I am not going to chop off the extra half star now.

The next star pattern is Star of Yesterday.  It is a flannel star background with wool flower appliqued on.

081515B (1024x735)The pattern shows lots of bright flannel fabric which makes me think of summer, however the wool pieces from the kit says autumn so that was the theme I went with picking out the flannel fabric.  Also I think that the different colored background takes away from the star shape, so I used one color for the background around the it.

081515A  (1020x1024)I also used the same fabric in the same position in the long rail fence blocks framing the star.  I like the look of some order amide all the scraps.  The next part is to start prepping the wool flower applique pieces.

My cutting table has also gotten a bit out of control, so I need to get that organized before I start the next project.  Wonder which star pattern will float to the top?


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