Design Wall Monday 08-03-15

On Saturday I started piecing on the first of the star quilts – Pretty in Pink – although I need a new name for my quilt since there is not a single piece of pink in it.  Maybe Pretty Bright or Pretty Scrappy.

080315 (821x1024)This is the first pattern I have made from Marci Baker’s book Oh My Stars and I do have to say that I am not impressed.  The instructions call for sewing strip sets and then cutting units on a 60 degree angle.  I prefer methods that are a more efficient use of the fabric instead of these huge chunks leftover at the beginning and end of the strip set.  Although I just realized that I could have off set the strips so that there wasn’t as much waste.

Also to be fair, these stars are large – the diamonds are 4″ per side.  A quilt with smaller stars would probably not have had so much left over in the strip.

What I did do however was measure the size of the triangles & diamonds, then cut them out individually.  This method did allow me to have a wider variety of fabric colors in the quilt.

The quilt is sewn into columns, then the columns sewn together.  I have 7 of the 13 columns together, so I am half way done.  The top and bottom of the quilt will be cut off to make it a rectangle.

I am very pleased with the background gray fabric that I found for the background.  This is going to make a great baby quilt.

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1 thought on “Design Wall Monday 08-03-15

  1. Libby Smith

    Sorry you have issues. While I am a Marci Baker certified teacher, I never mastered that one, either. Yes, offsetting the stripsets would definitely save fabric. Don’t give up on Marci, though; her other books are easier to grasp.


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