Jun 22 2015

Design Wall Monday 06-22-15

The Antique Tiles quilt top (67″ square) is completed.

062215 (1024x1008)After checking through my stash twice and finding nothing for the border, I headed to Jo-Ann’s with a coupon. I found some brown material, but once I got it home I discovered it didn’t play well with the quilt center.

Why am I having so much trouble with border fabric recently?  This is the second quilt in a row with this issue.  Anyway it was back to the fabric store where I found this red fabric.

While I was washing the red border fabric, I worked on the second block for the Happy Halloween quilt.

Meet Vampire and Mrs. Monster –

062215A (1024x675)Once all the blocks are completed, I will square them up and add the finishing details.  These Halloween characters make me smile every time I look at them.

To look at some quilting inspiration, check out Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


3 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 06-22-15”

  1. Libby Smith says:

    I really like the way Antique Tiles turned out. The red border is much more lively than a brown would be.

  2. Dar in MO says:

    I like the red border that you ended using. It definitely makes it brighter and more eye-catching to me. Nice job.

  3. Ramona says:

    Your Antique Tiles quilt is lovely. As stated above, the red is perfect. Fun Halloween blocks, too!

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